Fort Payne Feed and Garden in collaboration with Alice Circle present the Dog Days of Summer event Saturday 27 at 9 a.m.

Alice Pettyjohn, from Alice Circle in Rainsville, said this is the third year they have held this event that will take place at Fort Payne Feed and Garden located at 1954 Gault Ave N.

Pettyjohn said the event started as a way to let the public know Fort Payne Feed and Garden also sold a variety of healthy dog food options.

“They will be giving away sample bags of dog treats for people who want them,” Pettyjohn said.

Pettyjohn said along with the free samples, there will also be a dog paw painting station.

“Dog print art will run between $5 and $10,” she said.

In addition to this year’s event is Jessica Works Photography, who will post all portraits in an online gallery.

Pettyjohn said Works will be shooting photos and portraits for those who would like their picture made with their dog for free.

Joining the festivities will also be She Shed Shaved Ice who will have snow cones for both humans and pets available for purchase.

Pettyjohn encourages participants to come early while supplies last.

“This is without a doubt, one of our favorite events of the year because we get to meet your favorite furry friends,” said FPFG owneer Karmen Smith.

According to Pettyjohn, this event takes place every year around this time and it “is really fun with summer wrapping up to have a last event.”

For more information on upcoming events, follow Fort Payne Feed and Garden on Facebook @fpfeed, Alice Circle @AliceCircle, Jessica Works Photography @JessicaWorksPhotography and She Shed Shaved Ice @sheshedashavedice.

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