Supreme Court candidate Greg Cook visits DeKalb County

Pictured, above, are Cindy Holcomb, Greg Cook, Sherry Gulledge and Charman Hancock.

The DeKalb County Republican Women welcomed Alabama Supreme Court Candidate Greg Cook to their March meeting.

Cook is the current General Counsel to the Alabama Republican Party and has practiced law for 29 years. He attended Harvard Law School, graduating magna cum laude, and is a veteran of the United States Air Force. He has written several books including the two volume treatise on the Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure which govern the workings of the Alabama courts.

Cook spoke on his experience with election law, comparing the experiences in Alabama to those in other states including Georgia. While Alabama elections worked well this election, despite COVID issues, Alabama has not always been so fortunate. He credited Attorney General Marshall and Secretary of State Merrill with insisting upon enforcing the letter of Alabama laws during the crisis in the face of great pressure to bend the rules. The State of Alabama eventually needed to appeal to the United States Supreme Court to avoid bending the law during this election. Likewise, he praised local officials across the state, focusing upon the Circuit Clerk, Probate Judge and Sheriff in each state – who are the three officials in each county primarily charged with running elections. Cook emphasized his commitment to decide on all cases, including election law cases, based upon the Rule of Law.

When Cook began volunteering for the Republican Party in the early 1990’s, there were many lawsuits and disputes over the enforcement of election law. These problems culminated in the election in 1994 for Alabama Chief Justice which came down to slightly over 200 votes, leading to an appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court to count absentee ballots which did not comply with Alabama statutory law requiring two witnesses or a notary. Ultimately, the Alabama courts ruled that such ballots could be counted – only to be overruled by the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit which held that such a change in the law violated Due Process. Thus, Chief Justice Hooper – the first Republican Supreme Court Justice since Reconstruction – was sworn into office almost a year after the election.

Cook closed with a pep talk for Republicans. The Republican Party is only one vote away from a majority in the Senate and only six votes away from flipping the House of Representatives. Growing upon the late 1970’s, Cook explained that he had seen far worse during the Carter Presidency, including inflation, unemployment, gas lines and home mortgage rates approaching 20 percent. In the end, Cook said, Republicans will win because they are right about small government, lower taxes and about the value of human life.

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