Dedicated to her hometown

“Geraldine’s cheerleader” is what Mayor Chuck Ables calls Rubye Turner because she is so knowledgeable and dedicated to the town.

Turner was set to be the grand marshal of the town’s Christmas parade last Saturday, but due to bad weather, the town canceled the event. But, this didn’t stop Turner from cheering for her hometown.

“I just feel so blessed to live in this small town,” Turner said.

Turner said she’s lived in other cities and in other states, but she has always considered Geraldine her home. She said her mother was a teacher at the high school, and that’s another reason why she wanted her children to grow up in the town that she loves so dearly. She said after her late husband retired she knew that Geraldine was the place she wanted to live.

Even though she’s 87 years old, Turner said she still mows her own yard and drives.

“My sons don’t want me going on long trips by myself, but I still drive,” Turner said. “Maybe I shouldn’t drive, but I do.”

Turner’s husband was the mayor of Geraldine for 12 years, and according to Ables, she is just as much a part of town business as she has ever been.

“She keeps me straight,” Ables said. “She is a very active in the community, and she gives me great ideas all of the time.”

Turner had the idea of putting the members’ pictures of the community, who had lived there for 100 years, on the wall at the Geraldine Town Hall.

“I just hope that one day my picture will be up on the wall,” she said.

Ables said he values having a person like Turner in the community, and that’s why he wanted her to be the grand marshal of the Christmas parade. Turner said she has gone to the parade every year.

“I love parades,” Turner said. “My favorite part is seeing the smiles on the faces of the children. Seeing their faces light up is such a blessing.”

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