Monday, the Rainsville City Council approved the purchase of Stop Stick rack kits for the police department.

During the work session, Councilman Derek Rosson spoke about a high-speed chase in Rainsville that occurred Saturday.

He expressed his thanks to the police, emergency and fire personnel for their efforts.

“We want to try and stop these things from happening if we can. I am just very thankful nobody was seriously injured,” Rosson said.

A Stop Stick rack kit is a tire-deflation device that aids to end high-speed automobile pursuits safely.

Rosson said the devices would help the police department in the event of a similar situation to Saturday's taking place.

According to Rosson, the kits will be purchased with funds from the police department, and 10 vehicles would be equipped at the cost of $5,086.60.

Rainsville Police Chief Kevin Smith said that equips every vehicle that’s on the road with a kit at any given time.

“That also includes the certifications for each officer and the vehicle mounts; its everything,” he said.

Smith said the upgraded Stop Stick rack kit is trunk-mounted and has plastic housing to keep officers safe from spikes during deployment and removal from the roadway.

He said an officer could throw the device from the side of the road and quickly remove it by pulling a cord reel before other vehicles make contact.

The council also approved to empower the major to extend the sewer line from Hwy 75 to Everett Road.

The council also voted unanimously to increase part-time CDL driver pay by .26 cents extra an hour beginning next payroll.

Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt was absent from Monday’s meeting.

The council also heard updates from the following departments:

• Police Chief Kevin Smith said the police department has raised almost 10,000 for the Shop with a Cop event and would be able to help 100 kids.

“If ya'll know of any kids in DeKalb County that need help with Christmas, send them to us,” he said.

• Fire Chief Willimac Wright announce the Fire Department's Christmas dinner is set for Dec. 6. He also announced that a new three-story search and rescue trailer would be in Rainsville from Dec. 7 through Dec. 12.

• Parks and recreation director Sammy Smith said most of the Christmas lights are up, and they have received compliments on them.

• Councilman Rosson commented on Plainview High School's food pantry. He said the food pantry started out by helping feed three families and now it is helping up to 66 kids.

“There are a lot of organizations doing things around our community, and we need to do what we can to help those children out,” he said.

Smith said they have a collection drop off point at the police department for anyone who would like to donate to the food pantry.

The council also:

• accepted the minutes from the previous meeting on Nov. 18.

• accepted Stephen Malone’s resignation from the police department affective Nov. 29.

• approved to post patrolman position in the police department affective Dec. 3.

• approved to hire Michael Wilbanks as a driver for the sanitation department.

• accepted bid from Ralph Hall to remove the stage from Rainsville City Park affective immediately.

• approved to empower the major to sign the five-year Coca-Cola contract for the Rainsville Sports Complex.

• approved to replace the heat and air unit at City Hall from Rainsville Heating and Cooling at $14,800.00.

• approved to pay monthly bills.

The next council meeting is scheduled for Dec. 16 with a workshop at 4:15 p.m. and regular session at 5 p.m.

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