DeKalb County Sheriff's Office 2020 Statistics

Narcotics and Interdiction:

Drug cases: 656

Methamphetamine seized: 8,795 grams

Marijuana seized: 36,298 grams

Spice seized: 736 grams

Pills seized: 2,224

Heroin seized: 20 grams

Cocaine seized: 44 grams

Cash seized: $115,305

Cars seized: 13

Investigations Unit:

Number of cases assigned: 742

Number of cases closed: 515

Total miles driven: 608,322

Number of calls answered: 6,731

Number of reports taken: 3,239

Civil papers served: 2,367

Civil papers attempted to serve: 2,274

Subpoenas served: 2,254

Subpoenas attempted to serve: 1,487

Total arrests: 2,154

Number of assist: 3,195

Number of search warrants/consent: 336

911 hang up calls answered: 681

Alarm calls answered: 987

Cases closed: 906

Sex offender checks: 309

The DeKalb County Sheriff's Office has released its annual statistics for 2020. These numbers reflect all that the staff and deputies have worked on during the past year, including total number of arrests made, number of calls answered to the amount of illegal drugs seized.

“This is something we felt like needed to be open to the public for many reasons," Sheriff Nick Welden said. “We would like to show just what takes place in our county and how it is wholeheartedly fought day in and day out 24/7 for the residents of DeKalb County. We are a family that fights for your family and I hope this shows just that! We look forward to serving you in 2021! God bless.”

The 2020 statistics see an increase in marijuana seizures, while alternately having decreases in most other categories.

The 2019 statistics are as follows:

• Total miles driven: 611,356

• Number of calls answered: 7,123

• Number of reports taken: 3,952

• Civil papers served:


• Civil papers attempted to serve: 3,198

• Subpoenas served: 1,685

• Subpoenas attempted

to serve: 866

• Warrants served: 1,846

• Warrants attempted to serve: 1,363

• Warrantless arrest: 1,473

• Number of assist: 2,761

• Number of search warrants/consent: 99

• 911 hang-ups answered: 1,167

• Alarm calls answered: 1,561

• Cases closed: 606

• Sex offender checks: 360

• Drug cases: 634

• Methamphetamine seized: 15,368 grams

• Marijuana seized: 3,833 grams

• Spice seized: 180 grams

• Pills: 1,193

• Heroin: 30 grams

• Cocaine: 203 grams

• Cash seized: $36,454.00

• Cars seized: 12

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