Renovations underway for Collinsville High School gymnasiums

The Collinsville High School L.D. Dobbins Gymnasium will undergo floor renovations following water damage from Easter Sunday floods, along with the Alumni Hall known as the "old gym." 

The DeKalb County Board of Education approved the bid last week to begin renovations to both of Collinsville High School’s gyms.

The regularly scheduled meeting was held via the digital platform Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Superintendent Jason Barnett said they are in the process of doing some renovations on the Alumni Hall known as the “old gym” at CHS.

The approved bid for $132,870 that encompasses work that will be done for the Alumni Hall, as well as the L.D Dobbins Gymnasium.

Barnett said a few months ago, they had done some roof repairs in the Alumni Hall due to leaking issues and were set to start on some floor repairs before the heavy rains and floods came through on Easter Sunday.

“The L.D Dobbins Gym got flooded, water came in the back of the gym, damaging the main floor which created a major rippling effect and rendering it useless,” he said.

In a phone interview with The Times-Journal Barnett said the floor in the Alumni Hall was already going to be repaired due to damage from the leaking roof, and they were in the process of getting quotes for it when the flood damaged the L.D Dobbins Gymnasium.

“So we combined both projects into one. We are going to try and get those done as fast as we can,” he said.

After the approval of the bid from Covington Flooring Company last week, Barnett said he hopes they can get the floor renovations underway soon.

“It's a three quarter inch floor, so hopefully we can work on getting that repaired so they can start using that as quickly as possible,” he said.

Barnett said the original plan was for renovations to start at the L.D Dobbins Gymnasium because of the extensive damage sustained. In doing so, it will give it extra time to acclimate.

However, he said they have come up with an alternate solution and will be able to start on both gyms simultaneously and get both completed as soon as possible.

Board member Mark Richards asked if the company would be able to get to work “fairly quickly.”

“It’s our hope, they understand the time frame we are working with,” said Barnett.

Although the installation of a new floor takes time, from laying down the foundation to the finished work, Barnett said they understand the urgency.

He said once the roof of the “old gym” was done, they began the cleaning and sanitizing process and the floor was the next project.

“It will probably be impactful as the Alabama Athletic Association starts easing some of the restrictions. We couldn’t control the day of the flood and we have to go through protocols and operations, so this is about as quickly as we can get it going,” he said.

He said because the company understands the severity of the situations, he believes they will work as quickly as possible.

“Hopefully, before long, everybody will get the clearance to begin some skill-based exercises and practices. We want to have [the gyms] where they can start doing their drills, conditioning and all they need to do to be prepared for the upcoming season,” said Barnett.

Regarding the construction of CHS new Agriculture and Home Economics building, Barnett said they have been advertising the project and put it out for public notice.

“Whenever we do a facility building or construction, we advertise the project so people can review it and potentially bid on it. That’s just one step closer towards getting that construction started,” he said.

The bid is featured on the Classified section of The Times-Journal under Legals and provides information for the new Ag building for CHS.

The next meeting will be held on May 28, 2020, with a regular meeting at 12 p.m. (Meeting will be conducted through a digital platform).

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