Perry Perry, the founder of FineTune Events and Enrichment, in partnership with Fort Payne Main Street, has organized Fort Payne’s first Downtown Art and Business Crawl.

The free event will take place Sept. 5 starting at 4 p.m. in the meeting room of the Coal & Iron Building. From there, participants will follow a guided stroll downtown to visit, shop at, and get a better overall understanding of the history behind the buildings downtown merchants do business from.

The event is like a pub crawl, but with a different focus– arts and business.

The event will be ongoing, and different businesses will be included in the crawl each month.

The businesses on this month’s crawl list are the Coal & Iron Building, Makers Marker, Art in the Alley, Untamed Gallery and 33.

Perry said the crawl is a good way to showcase local businesses while promoting talented locals and downtown revitalization.

“There are so many artists and crafts and musicians here,” he said. “My initial idea was to have a larger event, but I know that takes a lot of time, so I decided to work slow and do an event that was geared toward the betterment of the downtown area and the enrichment of it. Plus, this just gave us an excuse to highlight some downtown businesses once a month.”

Perry said promoting downtown starts with getting people to come downtown.

“The overall goal is to bring foot traffic downtown to bring awareness to some of the businesses that are down here and the history of the buildings that we are in,” he said. “This allows us to hold events that are business-smart so we can have some overall expenses taken care of and the remaining of the proceeds can go to the Main Street group for them to use for enrichment projects.”

Perry said although free beverages and snacks will be served at the Coal & Iron Building from 4 p.m. to 5, there will be an opportunity to make donations. Donations will be used to pay for the event, and any excess proceeds will go to Main Street to fund downtown beautification.

For more information, visit the Facebook page, FineTune Events and Enrichment, or call the Main Street office at 256-996-2131.

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