Fyffe senior accepted to Yale University

Cage Cochran is involved in several extracurricular activities through Fyffe High School and in his community. He plans to major in Chemistry and hopes to eventually attend medical school.

Fyffe High School senior Cage Cochran has gained acceptance to an Ivy League school.

Cochran has been accepted to Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, one of the top Ivy League schools in the US.

“I found out I got accepted on December 15,” said Cochran.

He said he took a long shot applying for Yale University and was shocked he was granted admittance.

“I got accepted and was blown away mainly because I had never heard of anyone from here getting in,” Cochran said.

He said it’s a highly competitive place, and the requirements for admission are no exception.

“Getting to talk to some of the people that got accepted and what they have done is just exceptional, and I feel so blessed to be among those people,” said Cochran.

Fyffe High School Principal Wayne Lyles said, “Fyffe High School is honored that current senior, Cage Cochran has earned first acceptance to the prestigious Yale University.”

He said Cage is an exceptional young man that is very focused and ambitiously works to meet his goals.

“Cage is one of our top students and is academically driven, but he is also a campus leader that exhibits great character,” said Lyles.

Cochran's mother, Connie Cochran, took to Facebook to congratulate her son on his achievement upon receiving his acceptance.

“I keep telling myself that this doesn’t mean he is going. However, he has been given the option that very few have,” said Connie Cochran.

She said he was one of 800 who was accepted during the early action phase out of 6,000 applicants.

“We love you and are so proud of you,” said Connie Cochran.

Cage Cochran is involved in various clubs, programs, and after-school activities, including football and competitive cheering.

“I played football up until my senior year because I hurt my knee in my junior year and was not able to play this year,” he said.

Cochran said he had used this past year to focus on academics and also cheer on a competitive team in Birmingham.

Cochran was elected Senior Class vice-president and Beta Club president, by his peers and has also taken various dual enrollment classes aside from his extracurricular activities.

Lyles said in his leadership positions, Cochran has organized partnerships to assist the Fyffe Special Service Center and Fyffe Senior Citizens Center to create student service programs.

Last summer Cochran attended the University of Alabama, participating in a five-week rural health college program. He said he took part in a Chemistry class, and it was one of his favorites.

“Cage earned top of his class honors in chemistry and creative writing while attending the Rural Health Scholars Program this past summer at the University of Alabama,” Lyles said.

Cochran said he is thinking about majoring in chemistry on a pre-med track and has plans to attend medical school.

“I am not sure what kind of doctor I want to be,” he said. He is thinking maybe following radiology or orthopedic surgery.

Cochran also gained acceptance into the University of Alabama and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

“I might apply to Georgia [Institute of Technology], but for the most part depending on financial aid and the scholarships I get, Yale is at the top of my list,” he said.

According to Cochran, depending on some of the programs he may get into, UAB is his second choice.

“I am very excited I got in, and I hope it shows some more people that you can come from a small town and school and still go to these big places,” he said.

Cochran said his acceptance is very surreal, and he hopes to get the opportunity to attend Yale.

“Their tuition is high, but they have a good financial aid department I am waiting to get my letter back from there to make my official decision,” he said.

Lyles said the Fyffe faculty is proud of the accolades that Cage is earning at the state and national levels.

“He comes from a very intelligent and successful family, and we know he will continue to their tradition of success as he pursues academic goals in the medical field,” said Lyles.

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