Bears take down Chiefs

RAINSVILLE — The Plainview Bears defeated the North Jackson Chiefs at home in a dramatic overtime finish.

The game was marked by numerous penalties and turnovers. There were 7 total turnovers in the game, with Plainview handing the ball over twice and the Chief’s having 5 total turnovers. Brody McCurdy contributed greatly to the win with a lot of success on the ground.

To start the game, the Bears kicked off with the Chiefs returning out to their own 36-yard line.

After a passing interference call on the Bears, the Chiefs advanced to the 50-yard line. The Chiefs turned over on downs after attempting to go for it on fourth down, handing it over to the Bears on the 41-yard line.

The Bears would then also attempt to convert on fourth down unsuccessfully, handing the ball over to the Chiefs on the 35-yard line.

The Chiefs then advanced the ball well on the ground, but suffered several costly penalties on the drive. What would have been a touchdown pass to wide receiver Allison Quinn was called back on a holding call. The Chiefs would end up punting with a little over 3 minutes left in the first quarter.

Taking over on their own 18-yard line, the Bears would see a first down, then suffered an interception, handing it back to the Chiefs around the 30-yard line. After several penalties and a close incomplete pass, the Chiefs would hand it back to the Bears on the 25-yard line.

On the first play of the drive, Brody McCurdy busted a 61-yard run to get the Bears in Chiefs' territory. Marcos Vega would then advance the ball to the 5-yard line with an 18-yard run. Brody McCurdy would run the ball in from 2-yard line immediately after the start of the 2nd quarter, putting the bears up 7-0.

The Chiefs would answer back with a 58-yard touchdown run by Johnny Gilliam. The extra point attempt would be wide right, with the Bears leading 7-6 with 10:52 to go in the 2nd quarter.

The Bears would takeover on their own 8-yard line after stepping out of bounds on the kick. Plainview would punt and give the Chiefs the ball back on the North Jackson 44-yard line.

A pass would be intercepted by Noah White, giving the ball back to the Bears on their own 30-yard line. After a first down, the Bears would punt on fourth down. The Chiefs would then complete an 89-yard touchdown pass to Carter Gass and a successful two point conversion to put them in the lead 14-7 with 3:30 to go in the first half.

After a first down, the Bears would give it back to the Chiefs on the 42-yard line with a fumble. The Chiefs would complete a 25-yard pass, but the next pass would be intercepted for a 75-yard touchdown return by Logan Bell with 23 seconds left in the first half.

After a penalty on the extra point attempt, Plainview elected to successfully attempt the two point conversion to lead North Jackson 15 to 14 going into the 2nd half.

Plainview received the kick to start the second half with around a 15-yard return by Brody Parker to give the Bears the ball on their own 30-yard line. After a three and out, the Bears punted and the Chiefs would start on the Bears' 41.

The Bears would quickly get the ball back with another interception and start out on their own 36. After a three-and-out, North Jackson would take over around their 25-yard line. The ball would get back in Bear hands after a Chiefs' fumble on the 22-yard line, setting up a Bears' scoring drive.

Brody McCurdy ran the ball in after a North Jackson penalty. With the kick being good, Plainview would lead the Chiefs 22-14 with 5:10 left in the 3rd quarter.

The Chiefs would answer back with a touchdown run by Johnny Gilliam, but would attempt a two-point conversion and be stopped by the Bears making it 22-20 Bears with 2:36 left in the 3rd quarter.

On the following drive, Brody McCurdy broke several big runs. This was coupled with several more penalties on North Jackson to quickly put Plainview back in scoring territory. McCurdy would punch it in up the middle with a 7-yard run. The Bears would miss the kick, putting it at 28-20 with 47 seconds left in the 3rd quarter.

The Chiefs would end the third quarter on their own 30-yard line and facing a 4th-and-6. North Jackson would punt it away and the Bears took over on their 20. After a three-and-out possession, a short punt would give the Chiefs good field position on the Bears' 33.

Several stops by the Bears' defense would bring up a fourth-and-1 attempt for the Chiefs on the Bears' 24. Another North Jackson penalty would make it fourth and six, and the Chiefs would complete a six yard pass to keep the drive going.

A complete pass on third down would put the Chiefs on the Bears' 8-yard line for another fourth and one attempt. The Chiefs would move the chains again on 4th down to make it 1st and goal. Johnny Gilliam would then run for 3 yards for a North Jackson touchdown. After a successful two point conversion, the game would be tied 28-all with 4:07 left.

The Bears would be forced to punt on the following drive, but the Chiefs would fumble, giving the ball back to Plainview on the Chiefs' 33-yard line with 1:01 to go. Regulation would end with a penalty on Plainview, sending the game into overtime.

North Jackson would win the toss and begin overtime on the Bears' 10-yard line. On the third play, the Chiefs would score with a touchdown run by Johnny Gilliam. After the extra point was good, they would take the lead, 35-28.

On the Bears' overtime possession, it would come down to a fourth and eight after several good stops by North Jackson. A complete pass for a touchdown from Noah White to Brody Parker would bring up the extra point attempt for the Bears. In a surprise move, Plainview went for two and successfully converted after a McCurdy run up the middle to take home the victory with a final score of 36-35.

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