DeKalb leads state in cattle numbers

The most recent report for cattle and calves on farms sees DeKalb as the leading county in the state.

The United States Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Statistic Service of the Southern Region indicates Alabama’s cattle numbers remain unwavering.

Although DeKalb lingered within the top three in past years, its numbers have steadily climbed to the top since 2018 surpassing Montgomery and Cullman Counties.

State Statistician Cynthia Price provided the following cattle and calves county estimates, DeKalb leads with 61,000 followed by Cullman with 57,000, Montgomery with 46,000, Blount with 45,000 and Lowndes with 39,000 bringing Alabama’s total to 1,290,000.

Although NASS records show the state has 10,000 fewer calves and cows than reported in 2020, the drop represents only a 1% decrease.

Beef cattle production ranks second behind broilers in cash receipts among Alabama farm commodities as reported by the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association.

With the state’s climate and land perfectly suited for raising cattle and growing forages, cattle production represents a $2.5 billion industry in Alabama.

According to the NASS, Alabama ranks 23rd in the U.S. for cattle production with cattle and calves constituting the second-largest agricultural commodity behind eggs and poultry.

As one of the top purebred producers in the country, Alabama growers producers supply all the major breeds including, Angus, Brangus, ChiAngus, Beefmaster, Charolais, Red Angus, Gelbveih, Hereford, Santa Gertrudis, Limousin, Simmental and Senepol.

For a full USDA, Alabama County Estimates Cattle 2020-21 report visit

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