Home-school students from the surrounding area gathered on Friday for a geography fair at Collinsville Baptist Church.

The students are part of the Supporting Home-schoolers in Neighborhoods Everywhere, or SHINE, a home-school support group of Centre, Alabama.

Melissa Riggs, of SHINE, said this is their second year hosting a school and the fair at Collinsville Baptist Church.

“We have about 72 students when they are all here, and they meet every other Friday,” she said.

Students pick a person, state or country to research its culture and facts to incorporate into their projects presented in October at the geography fair.

Riggs said participating were students from Pre-K to 12th grade, and the Pre-K class participated in the fair by coloring a packet about the State of Alabama.

Pre-K teachers are Joan Riggs and Jennifer Hynson.

Teachers for Kindergarten through First grade are Casey Padgett and Keisha Gardner.

Melissa Riggs and Becky Lee serve as teachers for ages seven through nine.

Among the many displays and presentations on Friday were Georgia, Texas, New York, France, Mexico, Washington State, China and historical persona Paul Revere.

Middle school teacher Lisa Mann said the students work on their projects at home and bring them for the fair.

Mann teaches students ages 10 through 13 and Hillary Hance teaches the high school group ages 14 through 17.

According to the Alabama Shine Homeschool Group, SHINE serves as a support system for parents and students to have an outlet for activities and fellowship during the home-school week.

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