Principals give school board update on their activities from the past school year

Pictured is Sally Wheat, principal of Wills Valley Elementary School (WVES). Wheat shows the board all the activities WVES did during the school year and also gave the board academic updates on students kindergarten through second grade.  

Principals from Wills Valley Elementary School (WVES) and Little Ridge Intermediate School (LRIS) held presentations for their respective school’s past year for the Fort Payne Board of Education. 

Sally Wheat, principal at WVES, presented first and showed the board and those present all the activities and events she and her staff put on throughout the school year. 

“This was the first year that a lot of our kids actually participated in the Homecoming pep-rally, reading of the Polar Express, Dr, Suess Day and so much more,” Wheat said. 

During her presentation Wheat showed videos and pictures from many different events she and her staff put on for the students. Wheat also showed the board how well the students were doing academically. 

After her presentation Brian Jett (FPCS system superintendent) thanked Wheat for all she has done for WVES since her time as principal began. 

Jennifer List, principal of LRIS, began her presentation after Wheat. 

List said, “Now Sally said earlier she didn’t really like talking in front of people but her presentation was amazing, now I love talking. Mr. Jett I think next year Sally and I should tag-team this presentation!” List exclaimed, after this the board and those present laughed. 

List also showed the board all the things LRIS did during the school year, many events for the first time. 

Events such as Red Ribbon Week and Peer Programs. List also showed the board how the students of LRIS improved their reading and math skills throughout the school year. 

After List finished her presentation Jett said, “I love how the two of you (Wheat and List) work together so well, we appreciate each of you and all you do for our schools and students.” 

The board also made the following personnel changes:  


-Byran Anderson, system-wide 1:1 Coordinator, effective June 20, 2022

-Steve Chesnut, junior high football coach at FPMS

-Pat Vinson, assistant JV track coach at FPHS, effective immediately


-Shenna Chandler from ELA teacher at FPHS to half-time ELA/Social Science coach at FPHS and half-time ELA social science coach at FPMS

-Kelly Ellis, library aide at FPHS to school nurse (RN) at FPHS, effective August 1, 2022

-Kyle Coots, math intervention teacher at LRIS to secondary intervention teacher at FPMS effective August 1, 2022

-Genesis Salinas, system-wide EL aide to clerical aide at WVES effective Aug 1, 2022

-Tina Broyles system-wide CNP manager to system-wide CNP lead manager effective July 28, 2022


-Gwen Mitchell Brand, half-time secondary math/science coach at FPHS and half-time secondary math/science coach at FPMS effective August 1, 2022 

-Jacob McGraw, assistant band director at FPHS effective August 1, 2022

-Cade Willingham, physical education teacher at FPMS effective Aug 1, 2022

-Elle Kate Patterson, 3rd grade teacher at LRIS effective Aug 1, 2022

-William “Noie” Yancy, 4th grade teacher at LRIS effective Aug 1, 2022

-Makayla Wilson, pre-k teacher at WAES effective Aug 1, 2022

-Melissa Obenlander, pre-k aide at WAES effective August 1, 2022 

-WVES math school improvement team (MSIT) and LRIS reading school improvement tam (RSTI) effective Jul 1, 2022

-LRIS  math school improvement team (MSIT) and LRIS reading school improvement tam (RSTI) effective Jul 1, 2022

-Elizabeth “Dani” Henshaw, system-wide SPE aide effective Aug 1, 2022

-Ericka Reed, system-wide CNP worker effective Jul 28, 2022

-Theodore Ennis, system-wide half-time bus driver effective Aug 1, 2022

All of these contracts will not renew on May 26, 2023 

•The board also approved:

-Employee contract for Sally Wheat, principal at WVES, effective Jul 1, 2022and expiring June 30, 2025

-Additional world days for Jamie McClung, H/T assistant principal at WVES-16 days and Genesis Salinas, clerical aide at WAES-4 days 

-Declaring the Technology Surplus List as surplus due to age, usefulness and/or non-operating

-The revision of Jackie Jennings, assistant principal at FPMS and FPHS, employment contract from a 11 month to a 12 month contract  

-The advertising and filling of the 2022-2023 Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) staff effective Aug 1, 2022

•1 HIPPY site program coordinator

•3 parent educators 

-The creation, advertising and filling of an Enrichment Teacher at LRIS, effective for the 2022-2023 school year 

-Fort Payne Schools’ Organisational Tree (staff duties and responsibilities as assigned by the superintendent) effective Jul 1, 2022

The next Fort Payne Board of Education meeting will be held at the Central Office in the conference room on July 28, 2022 at 6 p.m. 

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