Fort Payne School Bus fleet cited in national publication

Fort Payne Child Nutrition and Transportation Director Laran Adkins and head mechanic Tony Meyers appear next to one of the fleet's ProAir HEPA-6 ventilation systems. 

Fort Payne’s school bus program is featured in a cover story in the March issue of School Transportation News (STN) about deep clean cleaning and air filtration.

The article includes a photo of Laran Adkins, director of the Fort Payne Child Nutrition and Transportation programs, standing inside one of the school system’s buses next to head mechanic Tony Meyers, who oversaw the installation of 24 ProAir HEPA-6 ventilation systems in August to combat COVID-19 transmission.

The article reads, “Perhaps the school district with the most experience in school bus ventilation systems is Fort Payne City Schools in DeKalb County, Alabama.”

Adkins is quoted as saying, “Our superintendent had looked into it for classrooms. Then when we got to buses and started talking about it. He said we need to do that. We need to do everything possible to try to eliminate the transmission of COVID-19 or any other viruses that could be transmitted.”

The ventilation systems exchange the air volume on the bus 12 times per hour and the HEPA filters claim to remove 99.9% of all particulates, including viruses, from the air.

The article notes how Fort Payne uses CARES Act funding to cover the majority of installation costs while the bus dealer, Busworx, trained district mechanics on how to change the filters and when to clean them.

School Transportation News is read by more than 26,000 transportation and educational services professionals nationwide from private and public sectors of pupil transportation, including transportation directors, managers, superintendents, fleet managers, safety trainers, school board members and more.

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