Adjustments made on 66th Street

A speed table on 66th Street in Fort Payne in the vicinity of Allen Memorial Church is being installed this week.

Fort Payne City Council President Brian Baine said in Tuesday’ meeting that he and church pastor Chris Crow had discussed what could be done about the three-way stop that drivers fail to abide by when driving in front of the church property.

“There is a three-way stop and they have a field out in front of the church that they play in and a lot of people run that stop sign,” Baine said. “I think one thing we can do is move that one stop sign back to the street where it actually makes a stop street and put a crosswalk speed table on that other side, because [drivers] run that stop sign a lot.”

Baine said Public Works Director Tim Williams and Fort Payne Police Chief Randy Bynum accessed the roadway in question and agreed to move forward with the adjustment.

City Attorney Rocky Watson spoke, from a legal standpoint, on the subject of installing a speed table.

“I have been across the speed table in front of Second Baptist Church and I just have some real concerns that that’s going to cause an accident at some point,” he said. “It looks to me like what you have done in front of the Church of Christ, which has more traffic, might be just as effective. I just have some real concerns about speed tables doing damaged to vehicles and causing people to lose control of their vehicles if they don’t spot it.”

Councilman Wade Hill also made a comment about making the speed tables more noticeable to drivers and Williams said he had a crew scheduled to do just that.

“We’ve got that on our list,” Williams said. “After we pave, the painting crew is going to paint all of it yellow.”

The council approved the installation of the speed table Tuesday and Williams said the paving crew were scheduled to begin working on it Wednesday.

The council also:

• passed ordinance 2019-03, the first reading of an ordinance annexing certain property located off of Roden Drive in the Fischer community and solely owned by Marlin and Ann Blalock. The property is proposed to be sub-division.

• passed resolution 2019-36, officially accepting the low bid, after negotiations, for the interior construction of the Fort Payne Public Works Building

• passed resolution 2019-37 accepting the lowest qualified bid for the “Special Asphalt Mix” required by Alabama Department of Transportation for the Jordan Road project.

• approved an activity permit for Brandi Shrader, DeKalb Animal Adoption Center adoption event at the Fort Payne City Park on Oct. 12 from 10:00 a.m. until 2 p.m.

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