Fyffe Senior accepted to Berklee College of Music

Fyffe Senior accepted to Berklee College of Music

Logan Doty, a senior at Fyffe High School, has gained acceptance into Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, the premier institute of contemporary music and performing arts.

Berklee College of Music is known as one of the largest independent colleges of contemporary music in the world.

Doty said he received his email acceptance letter a week after Christmas break started for school.

“I got the email first and started crying and later, I received my physical acceptance later,” he said.

Doty said his parents are excited and proud of his achievement and have always been supportive of his music.

His mother, Chasity Jackson and stepfather, Ray Jackson, said they are “so proud, excited and inspired.”

“It is just such a blessing to watch the excitement in his eyes as he plays, sings and talks about music. We sure don’t pretend to understand how he does what he does but sure do enjoy listening to him,” Chasity Jackson said.

Fyffe High School Band Director Bo Esposite said he had taught Doty in band for two and a half years since taking the role of band director and is very excited for him.

“I knew he was applying and had taken a trip up to Boston to audition on campus,” he said.

Esposite said he heard of his acceptance after school was out but celebrated when they resumed classes after the holiday break.

Fyffe High School Principal Wayne Lyles said Fyffe High School and the Fyffe community are very proud that Logan has earned acceptance to Berklee College of Music.

“He is a very talented young man in many ways, not just in music. He is a role model and leader on our campus, especially in the band. He is also an excellent student that is academically driven,” Lyles said.

Regarding the admission process, Doty said he had to figure out a way to make it to Boston on time for early admission and it was somewhat stressful.

“I had to go to the campus and audition in front of some of the faculty there. I was nervous,” he said.

The process consisted of a live audition in front of a group of peers, followed by an interview.

Doty is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. For the performance part of his audition, he sang and played the electric guitar.

“I sang an acoustic arrangement of ‘Today I saw the Whole World’ by Pierce the Veil,” Doty said.

According to Doty, the whole experience was amazing, and he enjoyed traveling to a new place.

“I just loved it. I loved the feel of being in a big city and meeting all these people,” he said.

Doty said his audition was a success and the faculty complimented him on “just about everything” he did.

When asked why he chose Berklee College of Music, Doty said he was inspired by a lot of musician YouTubers who he watches, along with results from his extensive research of the school.

“It seems like the right choice for me,” said Doty.

He also applied to Jacksonville State University and plans to finish applying to Auburn University.

“I was accepted to JSU with a Gamecock Spirit Scholarship,” Doty said.

Doty has been a member of the Fyffe High School Marching Band for the last four years and is the leader of the low brass section.

“When I joined the band I actually tried a lot of different instruments including the flute, saxophone, baritone and ukulele but when I picked up the guitar it just called to me,” he said.

Apart from marching band, Doty is also a member of the FHS concert band and the Spanish Club.

Lyles said Doty also assisted FHS Band Director [Bo] Esposite in teaching and training younger band members.

In his spare time, he not only repairs instruments but has also begun building and refurbishing them.

“Ever since I started maintaining my guitar, I thought it was really interesting so, I started looking into building them. I actually just finished a guitar this past weekend,” Doty said.

According to Doty, he has been writing his own music for around three years now.

“My artist name is Akikzza and I am available for listening on every major streaming service including Spotify, YouTube and Google Play, you name it,” he said.

Doty said he is waiting to hear back from the Berklee financial aid office and is hoping to attend this fall.

He said the “funny thing” about Berklee is they don’t let you choose a major until your third semester there.

“If I had to choose right now, I would probably major in performance and songwriting with a minor in jazz theory,” said Doty.

Lyles said they are pleased he will be able to attend one of the most prestigious music schools in the country to grow and hone his musical talents.

Chasity Jackson said a significant aspect of Doty is “his passion and drive to master his God-given talents” and his drive to continue learning to play instruments and also repair them.

“Go, Logan, we love you,” she said.

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