Rainsville parks see vandalism

The Rainsville City Council on Monday approved to continue their project of installing cameras to monitor the city park and the Field of Dreams Sports Complex to counteract recent vandalism.

Councilman Brandon Freeman said Farmer’s Telecommunications Cooperative already installed internet capabilities, and he now has an estimate of the cost of surveillance.

“It’s going to be putting us between nine and fourteen cameras that’s going to cover everything that’s up there, and you’d be able to see everything,” Freeman said. “It backs up to a [digital video recorder] and it all comes through [FTC] to where if there’s ever an issue, it’s gets fixed locally.”

Freeman said the farmer’s market pavilion, along with signs at the entrance and different areas in the city park, had recently been painted with the same markings from a vandal.

“Will that cover a lot of your area up there where you’ve had people doing “donuts” and vandalism?” Councilman Rickey Byrum asked.

The cameras will cover every aspect of the property, the fields and all facilities, Freeman said.

“If you come up there after these have been installed, you will be seen,” he said.

The council also agreed giving the police department access to the cameras would be a step in the right direction. With the new system, officers could monitor the cameras from their cell phones. Police Chief Kevin Smith said it would be a great asset to the department if they were granted monitoring capabilities of the areas with the new camera system.

The two bills for the new surveillance system at the Field of Dreams Sports Complex were approved for $4,765 for all cameras, modem and labor and another $125 fee.

Freeman said the same installment will happen at the city park in the near future.

The council also:

• approved Resolution 3-18-2019A that places a 2008 firetruck as surplus.

• approved Resolution 3-18-2019B that places radios as surplus.

• approved to pay $23,000 for police radar system, 100 percent grant will reimburse within 10 days.

• approved to hire Sandy Little as the new animal control officer.

• approved a $500 sponsorship for students at DeKalb County Technical Center to compete at SkillsUSA.

• approved the purchase of 20 new tables for the Tom Bevill Enrichment Center at $2,300, including shipping.

• approved to pay for Matt Crum to attend revenue officer training at $285.

• approved to close the sewer debt account at First Fidelity Bank.

• approved a $500 sponsorship for the AFC 2 Homecoming at the DeKalb County Schools Coliseum on June 15.

The next meeting will be April 1, 2019.

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