The Fort Payne City Council on Tuesday approved Ordinance 2020-06, which establishes no parking on Echols Drive, adjacent to Plasman Corporation LLC. This was the second reading of the ordinance.

Walter Watson asked for more details on the passed ordinance when Council President Brian Baine opened the floor to the audience.

“You mentioned the parking ordinance,” Watson said. “Why do you not want them to park there?”

City officials during the meeting said people were parking trailers, semi trucks and stacking large containers in the road.

“Plasman [Corporation LLC] is the only industry there, and now we have a new industry coming in beyond that, so it would be in the middle of the road,” Council member Lynn Brewer said.

The industry developing nearby is Kudzu Millwork, manufacturer of All Temp Windows. It will be a 40,000-square-foot facility at 1201 Echols Drive. According to an article in the August 18 edition of The Times-Journal, Kudzu Millwork manufactures more than 80,000 vinyl windows annually for new construction homes and multifamily projects.

Mayor Larry Chesser said they have spoken to Plasman and passed the ordinance to “free” up the road for both industries to use.

The council also approved Resolution 2020-36 to authorize the purchase of the Jacoway property for industrial development.

The Jacoway property, located at 23rd Street South, encompasses 75 acres of land. City Attorney Rocky Watson said the resolution is just a “technicality” for insurance since the city had approved the contract for the purchase already.

City Clerk Andy Parker said a clarifier at the Wastewater Treatment Plant recently stopped working and the city would not have to put a bid out for a replacement since it was an emergency purchase.

The council approved the final plat of a proposed subdivision (1.63 acres divided from the existing 6.3 acres) located at 2701 Greenhill Blvd.

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