The week of March 8 is International Women’s Week. To highlight the amazing women working in the agricultural industry, the Alabama Extension animal science and forages team will release video interviews throughout the week to promote the women who built their careers on forages and the animal industry through engagement with research, industry, and/or production aspects.

The women appearing in these videos are Lisa Kriese-Anderson, Donna Curtis, Jacee May, and Randa Starnes. The videos will be available through the Alabama Beef Systems Extension Facebook page. The week will culminate in a virtual roundtable, where the panel will discuss challenges they have faced and share their experiences.

When: March 12 at 1 p.m. CT

Where: Zoom

Zoom Registration

Registration is required to attend the roundtable. The Zoom meeting number and link will be provided upon completion of the online registration. Visit to register.

New to Zoom?

Visit to watch a video that will help you prepare to attend.

Roundtable Panel

• Donna Jo Curtis, former ACA president and owner of Curtis Farms

• Jacee May, range and pasture specialist, Corteva Agriscience

• Randa Starnes, hereford and angus producer

• Kim Mullenix, beef specialist, Alabama Extension

• Leanne Dillard, forages specialist, Alabama Extension

• Kelly Palmer, animal sciences and forages regional agent, Alabama Extension

• Liliane Silva, animal sciences postdoctoral fellow, Auburn University

More Information

For more information on the Empowering Women in Agriculture videos and virtual roundtable, contact Liliane Silva at or 344-844-1559.

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