A new tourism brochure is available in eight welcome centers across Alabama and includes the sweet sounds that originate in DeKalb County.

The campaign, "100 Places to Hear Live Music in Alabama," is third in a series of tourism information guides and was unveiled during the Year of Alabama Music press conference at the Jazz Hall of Fame in Birmingham.

The brochure lists more than 200 live music venues and 17 attractions around the state.

"The "Year Of" campaign has done really well for the state," DeKalb County Tourism Director John Dersham said. "We really have to thank the state department of tourism for coming up with the campaign."

Dersham said the purpose of the campaign is to promote events in Alabama to help increase tourism to the state.

"It's something that gives us an identity," Dersham said. "We are competing with other states for business, so this is something where we show what events may be of interest to people and we market it both nationally and internationally."

Several venues, people and attractions in the DeKalb County area are listed.

Many festivals, including the DeKalb County Fiddler's Convention, the Pap Baxter Heritage Gospel Singing and School, A View From Earth at Dreamfield, the Mountain Dulcimer Workshop and River Rhythms Family Fun Program at Little River Canyon Center all made the list.

The Pap Baxter Gospel Singing and School will be Sept. 12-17 this year.

Participants can join in the school and then perform at the culmination event.

The DeKalb County Fiddler's Convention is sponsored by the Big Wills Arts Council to support its local arts. The purpose of the convention is to preserve a musical heritage that includes a tradition of sacred harp, old-time fiddle music, Southern gospel and convention-style singing, and country music from the classic hillbilly style of The Louvin Brothers to the sound of the group Alabama.

The Little River Canyon Center serves as host to the River Rhythms Family Fun Program and highlights different topics each month.

A View from Earth is an annual music event, which raises money for Tigers for Tomorrow, an exotic animal preserve in DeKalb County and brings in local and regional musical acts.

The Alabama Fan Club and Ol' Tymer's Blues and Barbecue made the list of must-visit music venues.

The group Alabama, Pap Baxter, the Louvin Brothers and Vestal Goodman are DeKalb County natives that made the list of Alabama artists.

In 2005, the popular "100 Dishes to eat in Alabama before you die" was first printed, followed by "100 Outdoor Adventures in Alabama" in 2006.

The brochure is available at the eight welcome centers across Alabama or by calling 1-800-ALABAMA. The brochure can also be downloaded at yearofalabamamusic.com or alabama.travel.

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