Rainsville to pay back grant from 2017

The Rainsville City Council on Monday approved to pay back a grant of more than $70,000 they were unable to use for new jobs while repairing a road in recent years.

“Back in August of 2017, we did an [Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs] grant to improve a road in the city of Rainsville, and that grant was so that [work] on that road would pick up 17 new jobs,” Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt said. “The state’s been working really well with us to get those jobs, but for some reason that didn’t come through. So, we have to pay that grant back.”

Lingerfelt said the move will keep the city in “good graces” with ADECA for future projects.

“When the city puts in for a grant to get jobs and you get the road built and you get everything done and then they don’t come up with jobs, then it has to fall back on us,” he said. “We’re going to have to pay that money back and it’s $71,499.89.”

Field of Dreams

Councilman Brandon Freeman brought to the council a proposal for replacing all the lights at the Field of Dreams Sports Complex Pee Wee Football field. Freeman said the city has received a donation to help with the costs.

“Some of the lights and things need to be replaced, and we got with Laney Electric and got an estimate of $10,000 to replace all the lights,” he said. “Sen. [Steve] Livingston and Rep. [Nathaniel] Ledbetter has given us $5,000 to put towards that so we’re going to replace every light at the Pee Wee Football field with LED lights for $5,000.”

The council pointed out that the Cornerstone Christian Academy football team also plays on the field, and the local teams need adequate facilities to play.

The council also:

• amended the minutes from the previous meeting on Sept. 10, 2020. The hire date for Jake McClure was changed to Aug. 31.

• accepted a bid from Oliver Tree Care for trimming, taking down and removing overgrown trees on Kirk Road, Horton Road, Everett Road, Chavies Road, Fortner Road and Garrett Street at $2,800.00.

• accepted a bid from Brown’s Construction for a culvert repair on Parker Avenue South at $4,100.

• approved the pyrotechnic contract that pays a pre-show advance for the fireworks at the 2021 Freedom Fest at $6,450.

• approved the purchase of four 4-yard dumpsters from Wastequip at $1,992 and six 8-yard dumpsters from Wastequip at $4,656.

• approved the proposed general fund budget for the FY 2020-21. The council will tentatively meet on Nov. 9 to review, give Councilmen-elect Arlan Blevins the opportunity to review after swearing into the council and amend the budget as needed.

– Editor’s note: an in-depth story on the Rainsville 2020-21 General Fund Budget will be in a future edition of The Times-Journal.

• accepted Scott Baswell’s resignation from the fire department, effective Sept. 16, 2020.

• approved to hire Jarrett Flippo as a fireman, effective Sept. 17, 2020.

• approved to hire Levi Bates as a patrolman, effective Sept. 30, 2020.

• approved to allow Police Chief Kevin Smith to apply for a grant through ADECA for $24,000 for necessary department equipment. It is a 100% grant with no match from the city, if approved.

• announced the annual Trunk or Treat will be moved back to the City Park after having it at the Farmers Market Pavilion the last two years. By having it at the park, vendors can spread out along the walking track and allow for social distancing to be practiced. If businesses would like to participate, call the Rainsville Chamber of Commerce at 256-638-7800.

• heard an update from Library Director Sarah Cruce who said the annual yard sale is currently underway and invited the public to stop by and shop.

• announced the Rainsville Chamber Scholarship Golf Tournament has been moved to Nov. 7. For more information, call the chamber.

• heard an update from Fire Chief Willimac Wright who is currently working with FEMA on damage assessments for the tiles, headwalls and more that were damaged during the Easter 2020 floods.

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