Halloween in the valley

The town of Valley Head has planned a night of spooky activities Oct. 31 for a town-wide Halloween celebration.

Deborah Rhodes, with Valley Head Town Hall, said the town has two different Halloween-related activities planned.

“The Town of Valley Head is presenting Halloweentown,” Rhodes said. “Join us Oct. 31 at 5 p.m. for a trunk or treat block party. A prize will be given for the best created trunk.”

Rhodes said the fire hall has organized a Halloween event for the same night. She said having the two separate events will allow for all ages to participate, since teenagers might not want to trunk or treat.

“A Nightmare on Anderson Street is a haunted house,” Rhodes said. “It will also be on Halloween night at the Valley Head Fire Hall. The doors will open at 6 p.m. and horror movies will be played by projector outdoors. You’ll have some kids who don’t want to do the haunted house, so we have the trunk or treat.”

Rhodes said people who are interested in giving out candy via trunk or treat should call her at 256-635-6814. She said everyone is invited to the event,

“Anybody in town who wants to come and set up a trunk is more than welcome to,” Rhodes said. “They just need to call me and let me know so I’ll know how many cars we have, but I think we have plenty of room out here. It is right in the heart of town, so all you have to do is come down here and have at it.”

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