Whole Person Development

Sam Graham released his book "Whole Person Development: Football Coaching Edition" in January of this year. It is available on amazon.com.

The DeKalb County Public Library will see another local author stop in to sign and discuss his published work next week.

Sam Graham, originally of Sylvania, will share his book, “Whole Person Development: Football Coaching Edition,” that was released in January 2019 with library patrons on Saturday, June 15 from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m.

Graham said his book features guidelines that teach coaches how to encourage themselves and their players to live their lives to its fullest potential mentally and physically.

The book’s four component structure lays out Graham’s content using the quarters of a football game as an example. Graham said the keys to being a “whole person” are maintaining one’s spiritual, social, academic and athletic aspects of their life.

Graham played football for the University of North Alabama and worked there as a graduate assistant before coming back to DeKalb County to coach at Sylvania for two seasons and has now coached for 20 years. A former colleague reached out to Graham more than a year ago about writing a book on his “whole person development” idea that he used with players for the last two decades. Graham said his only stipulation was the book needed to "sound like him."

“I told him, “It will have God’s word in it, and it will have Sand Mountain lingo”,” he said.

In the book, Graham quotes Luke 2:52 that reads, “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” He said if Jesus grew healthy physically and mentally, then all you As a coach and mentor, encouraging the players in these aspects of life is important in helping them maintain their spiritual, social, academic and athletic lives.

“Each kid that you coach has a spiritual side in his life,” he said. “That doesn’t mean that everyone believes the same way. That doesn’t mean that everybody goes to the same church.”

Graham said good biblical choices will lead to good habits that will in turn lead to a good character.

In the academic aspect of life, Graham said players aren’t at school for sports, but to better themselves and their future through academic opportunities.

Each section of the book has questions for the coaches to use when talking with their players to become a better mentor and suggestions on how coaches can also maintain a well rounded lifestyle while encouraging their players.

Graham will also make an appearance this Saturday at the Ider Public Library’s local author event from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. that will also feature Lisa A. Lancaster, author of “Who We Are” and Summer Greeson, who wrote of “Summer Sunshine.” The Ider Public Library is located at 10808 AL Highway 75, Ider.

For more information on “Whole Person Development: Football Coaching Edition,” visit surfacetoairsystem.com, amazon.com, DeKalb County Public Library or Ider Public Library.

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