Convicted child pornographer to have parole hearing Dec. 1

A parole hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 1 in the case of David Lawrence Poole, who is serving five life sentences in prison for convictions in 1990 in DeKalb County for production of obscene material involving children. Poole, 77, has served 31 years and one month.

The Rainsville resident was arrested as a fugitive from justice in September 1989 in Lake County, Fla., a month after a 17-year-old boy found a video camera concealed behind a vent grille in the ceiling of the boy's bathroom at the skating rink Poole operated. A coaxial cable ran from the camera to a videocassette recorder in his house trailer next to the rink. An investigation led to the discovery of 91 pornographic recordings and a mountain of hardcore pornographic magazines inside the trailer.

Then-Assistant Police Chief Tim Bailey told the Orlando Sentinel that some of the tapes showed Poole engaging in homosexual activity in his trailer, and another tape showed a 13-year-old girl having sex with an older boy.

Poole was convicted on four counts of producing obscene matter depicting persons under 17 years of age involved in obscene acts. He later pleaded guilty to a fifth count, according to reports.

Poole violated his probation for a conviction several years earlier of molesting young boys at a nudist colony in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Authorities had been tipped off that he had friends in the Tampa area, leading to his arrest at a mobile home near Silver Lake where he was reportedly outside working on a car and reportedly presented officers with bogus identification when questioned. Once his identity was confirmed, he waived extradition.

The Court of Criminal Appeals in January 1992 rejected claims by the defense that Poole was prosecuted in violation of search warrant laws and that the indictment was flawed. The Alabama Supreme Court refused to hear Poole’s appeal of his four life sentences.

Parole hearings are held each week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 100 Capitol Commerce Boulevard, Montgomery, AL 36117. Due to COVID-19, no one is allowed to attend any hearings in person. Inmates do not typically attend, but anyone protesting the granting of parole may be questioned and allowed to present any documentation. For more information, visit

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