The city of Geraldine’s police department returned to full staff after the council agreed to hire Jeremy Sides during Monday’s meeting.

A change in employee positions started after former Police Chief Sedmon Allen resigned to take a position with the Alabama State Troopers. Recently, the city council approved former Assistant Police Chief Matt Crum to fill the vacancy left behind by Allen. Heath Albright was moved up to assistant chief; leaving the patrolman position that Sides now fills.

Geraldine Mayor Chuck Ables said with the inclusion of Ethan Brown, the department’s four employees are back to their regular 12-hour-shift work rotation.

“In general, they work four days on and four days off,” Ables said. “Matt and Heath will be the day shift guys. So Matt will work four days then Heath will work four days. At night, Jeremy will work four and Ethan Brown, who is our other office, will work four nights.”

Ables said he is pleased to see the department back to full staff and the employees back to a regular work shift.

“We are excited to be back at full staff,” Ables said. “Chief Crum had been working a lot of overtime and we had been using some part-time people to help fill in. So it is always nice to get back to what you would consider a normal routine.”

The council also:

• heard from Melissa Ledbetter, candidate for DeKalb County circuit clerk.

• heard from Geraldine High School Softball Coach Julie West about some things the softball organization has done in the way of facility improvements and some requests for help from the town on other issues.

• heard the report for the month of December from Police Chief Matt Crum

• voted to not charge the ball teams a fee for using the fields this year and agreed to allow the teams to charge a nominal admission fee to the games. Those proceeds will be put back into the organization to help offset the costs of operating. The town will help with the practice schedules after the Jan. 18 and Jan. 25 sign-ups.

• passed a Resolution to declare a 2005 Crown Vic police car with 152,400 miles surplus.

• adopted an ordinance amending a previous ordinance regarding business licenses for persons delivering goods within the municipality or police jurisdiction.

• voted to pay expenses for Donna Johnson and Kim Cleveland to attend clerk certification classes.

• voted to purchase some additional Christmas pole decorations from Dixie Decorations

The next scheduled meeting is a work session on Feb. 6 at 5:30 p.m.

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