Shop With a Cop brightens  holidays for local children

A total of 59 children were paired with local police officers and volunteers at the “Shop with a Cop” event.

Mycah Swift, a student of Ider High School, organized another successful “Shop with a Cop” event.

On Saturday, Swift partnered with the Rainsville Police Department, Sylvania Police Department and other officers throughout the county for the event. They had several volunteers there assisting children of DeKalb County for a holiday shopping spree at Wal-Mart in Fort Payne.

This year, Swift and the Rainsville Police Department raised enough money to shop with 59 children. Each child was given $100 to shop for their gifts. The participating children were assigned a police officer to be their shopping partner. Swift and the Rainsville Police Department set a goal their goal of $3,000 for this year’s event but ended up surpassing that goal through fundraising events as well as donations.

“We reached a bunch of children who were scared to death of police and now they’re not because they spent time with officers,” Kevin Smith, Rainsville police chief said. “We want them to see us as friends and not as the officers we are portrayed to be a lot of times. It was a great outcome.”

Swift hosted “Christmas in the Park” at Ider in efforts of raising money for the event and the Rainsville Police Department conducted their “No Shave November” event to raise funds. Swift and the Rainsville Police Department challenged each other to see who would raise more money.

To obtain more information about “Shop with a Cop” or to make a donation for next year’s event contact Mycah Swift at 256-605-6568 or the Rainsville Police Department by calling 256-638-2157.

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