The town of Geraldine recently heard from Sherrie Hiett, a victim services director at Family Services of North Alabama.

Hiett reached out to Geraldine Mayor Chuck Ables and asked if she could come speak to the council to spread awareness of the services the organization provides.

Hiett said the Family Services of North Alabama is “like an umbrella for three different programs.”

“We have a Fatherhood Initiative Program that helps non-custodial parents find jobs so they can pay child support,” she said. “They can do this program voluntary or they can be referred to us by the court. We try to stop that from happening, so we encourage them to voluntarily go, we help them find jobs and we hold them accountable.”

Hiett said Family Services of North Alabama also provides a program to educate both parents and children on internet access.

“The second program we have is our Online Safety program,” she said. “We have an education coordinator who goes to the schools and educates the students of the dangers of sexting, cyber bulling, online privacy and things pertaining to the internet. We also have sessions to teach the parents about the dangers within some of these online apps.”

Hiett said the biggest program Family Services of North Alabama provides takes place in April.

“April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and it falls on Child Abuse Prevention Month, and since we deal with agents ages 14 and older at the schools all the time, we wanted to do something with the schools.”

She said she reached out to Geraldine High School Principal Steven Street and got the green light to host the organization’s biggest event on Geraldine campus, which is called Geraldine Goes Teal.

“I wanted to do something for Geraldine, so I talked to Mr. Street, and he is going to allow the students to participate in Geraldine Goes Teal,” she said. “It’s April 27 during school hours of 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and we are going to tailgate on the front campus for Geraldine Goes Teal.

“I also wanted to talk to the council and try to get the town involved so the entire town of Geraldine will go teal.”

The council also voted to:

• begin a “Yard of the Month” recognition

• allow the high school softball team to operate the concession stand for their home games.

• pay the yearly insurance premium

• obtain more information before installing a security light at Field No. 2

• repair bleachers at Field No. 2

• request that youth baseball and youth softball each purchase field conditioner for one field and the town will take care of shipping

• do more research on changing the vendor for garbage pick-up in town

• obtain quotes on painting the inside of the splash pad building and make it available to high school softball for use as a dressing room

In other news:

• Ables said local state legislators provided money for the light instillation at the Geraldine Senior Center.

• Ables thanked American Legion Commander Tillman for contribution of a heating system for the Homemaker’s building as well as other improvements they have done.

•Ables announced that Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Walt Maddox will be at Fyffe Senior Center on Feb. 13 at 5:30 p.m. for a meet and greet. Everyone is invited.

•The council then voted unanimously to hire Jeff Buckles as a full-time police officer.

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