Good Morning to my Fort Payne family from Fort Payne Main Street. I come to you every week in my article from my location at the beautiful historic Coal & Iron Building. I am truly honored to call this brick beauty my office. This place along with many other buildings in our historic town are really jewels.

I love the old craftsmanship and character combined with Wi-Fi and wireless speakers, and that my friends is exactly what Main Street is all about. We are in the full belief that the combination of new and old work great together, the purposeful attempt to keep the character of old with the progressive new entrepreneurial spirit. That type of thinking will keep us moving in the proper direction with a bright future. I literally see art in most of our old structures and with the proper amount of thought, design, the promotion of attracting new business and yes, money, we will continue to grow almost organically.

The Patriots Park had their first flag raising last Friday, it was an honor to be in attendance. The Fort Payne High School Junior ROTC did a wonderful job of presenting the colors, thanks to all that have made this park and memorial happen. There is still some work to do but as you can see this is another well thought out plan that has become a reality. God Bless our American Soldiers, past, present and future.

We had our first ‘Art in the Alley’ last week, and we feel like it was a great success with more to come. A special thanks to Boom Town Makers Market for hosting the event, Fort Payne City, Mike Griggs, Chief Randy Bynum and the Fort Payne Police Department, our stand-up Pete the Cat, Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce, WFPA 1400 am, Fontana’s, Roadside ‘Que, Fort Payne Main Street and all the local artist and makers. Music was provided by Lydia and Clare and, of course, a special thank you to Darlene and all of her volunteers. This was the first installment of Art in the Alley with more to come, so look for this event every first Thursday of each month.

It was so good to see Gault Avenue teaming with activities from the Coal and Iron Building, the DeKalb Theatre and all the way down to The Spot. Follow us on Facebook for events.

— Tim Harris is executive director of Fort Payne Main Street.

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