Visit the Fort Payne Opera House...if you dare

Landmarks of DeKalb will debut its “Phantom of the Fort Payne Opera House” Halloween event this Saturday from 5 to 8 p.m.

Trick or treaters are invited to visit the Opera House, located at 510 Gault Avenue, in costume to receive a goodie bag and have their photo taken on the stage.

The organization recently announced the Opera House is believed to be home to a spirit whose activity has sparked much conversation this year.

Executive Director Jessica Harper-Brown said there are more than just visitors who fill the seats. She and other volunteers have attested to the fact they have experienced strange happenings in the building. With so many people visiting over the last 130 years, the current caretakers believe someone might have stayed around.

“Whatever is here is very attached to the building,” said Harper-Brown. “I really think whatever the entity is, [it] really wants people to be in here, and we had gone so long without anyone being in here, it’s trying to get attention,” she said.

Harper-Brown and the Landmarks members welcome the public to visit the oldest theatre in Alabama and participate in the upcoming, debut Halloween event.

To learn more about downtown Fort Payne’s spectral resident, get your copy of DeKalb Living Magazine’s October issue.

More about Landmarks of DeKalb

The 501c3 organization was formed in 1969 after concerned citizens sought to preserve the historical value of various places in DeKalb County, along with artifacts and records.

Today, with the help of Landmarks of DeKalb, Inc., the Opera House continues to serve as a working theater, used for high school plays, pageants, and musical performances, allowing it to stay alive and used.

For more information on Landmarks and tours of the Opera House, visit

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