The Alabama Department of Labor (ADOL) announced last week the Unemployment Compensation (UC) Claims Tracker will be replaced with the Claimant Portal beginning today, August 25.

Launched at the end of 2020, the Claimant Portal has operated alongside the UC Claims Tracker, which launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

ADOL officials said the switch will allow the use of a centralized source of information and will aid to reduce confusion.

Additionally, the consolidation of information will allow people to see their claim details and will incorporate a new authentication process to ensure the protection of information.

Per ADOL, claimants will need to have an existing Google, Microsoft or Apple account to log in. If a claimant does not have one of these accounts, one will need to be set up.

“This is in line with the sign-on procedures for many daily services in use today,” said ADOL officials. “It is a more secure way to access information and helps to prevent identity theft.”

Washington said the UC Claims Tracker was a great addition and provided claimants with more information than ever before.

“As ADOL continues to revise its procedure for efficiency, it’s now time to retire the Claims Tracker and switch everyone to the Claimant Portal. Claimants will still be able to obtain claims information in the most secure way.”

The UC Claims Tracker will no longer be accessible starting today, applicants are encouraged to utilize the Claimant Portal.

For additional information visit, or follow the quick link to the Claimant Portal at

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