John Merrill pays visit to Fort Payne

Secretary of State Republican John Merrill has announced his candidacy for United States Senate. In an exclusive interview with the Times-Journal Thursday Merrill talked about the three foundational points of his campaign.

“When you would ask me what are the things I would do if I became a United States Senator–there are four things,” he said.

“Number one is we want to work with the president to build a border wall because we need to stop the bleeding at the border and insure that illegal immigration does not occur the way that it is occurring today.”

Merrill said anyone who wants to come to the United States must do so in accordance with the law.

“I don’t know anybody that wants to keep people from coming to the United States,” he said. “I certainly don’t. I want each and every person who wants to come to the United States, or the state of Alabama, DeKalb County, Jackson County, Cherokee County, Marshall County, to be able to come, but they need to come the right way and there is a prescribed way according to the law for that to occur.

“If we don’t like the law, and there are some problems with the law, then we need to change the law. But we don’t need to have an executive order. We don’t need to have judicial changes. We need the law to be modified.”

Merrill said on of the reasons we need the law to be modified “is because we need to be able to work with business and industries and agriculture who are struggling for workers.”

“A lot of the people in question, when it comes to illegal immigration, are people who do manual labor; who work with folks, many of whom have distinguished themselves in a very positive way and want to work in the community. So we need to make that law more reasonable and make it to where it helps everybody that wants to be a part of our nation.”

Merrill said he wants the U.S. Senate to work with the president to insure that when judges are nominated by him to sit on the federal appellate courts, that they are confirmed by the senate.

“They are not going to legislate from the bench,” he said.

He also said that the U.S. Senate “must work with the president to push back against the liberal socialist agenda and polices that are being advocated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the squad as well as Senator Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

“This nation was founded as a democratic republic and that’s what it is and the only way that it should be changed is through a vote of the people, not through the rogue behavior of certain people who have been elected to certain positions.”

Merrill said when the people decide that they want a change in government is when it should be considered. But until then, “we don’t need that being advocated.”

Merrill said the U.S. Senate needs to make sure that it is working hard to end the “reckless and abusive spending” that is currently occurring in Washington, D.C.

“That’s a major concern because our debt continues to increase and out of control spending continues to increase,” he said.

“I am the only candidate in this race that has affectively done something about that at any level of public service. In our office, when we started, we had 49 team members. Today we have 36 team members. When we started we were seven and nine months behind on business filings and today, for 161 consecutive weeks, we have been at same-day on business filing. The same day the paperwork comes in is the day the paperwork gets done.”

Merrill said the Secretary of State’s Office has renegotiated every contract to put performance clauses in to make sure that when the state is paying for a service, or a product, or a material that, the standard that is agreed to is being met.

“No other state agency does that,” he said. “We don’t receive appropriation from the state anymore. Everything that we do we pay for as it is introduced to us, and we pay for it through the charges that we generate through the services that we provide.

“And last but not least, we have saved $2,819,021.21 cash in the last four years, six months and six days that I have had the privilege of serving in this role. So, I am the only proven conservative reformer who has been recognized as being effective in elective office.”

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