Buck’s Pocket Sate Park office and campground officially re-opened this last Monday, June 15, with a ribbon cutting and guest speakers.

A fabulous 8-mile Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) has been added to the park. This is something locals and visitors will enjoy. The OHV is accessed near the office and campground, making it easily accessible.

Buck’s Pocket is a fantastically beautiful state park nestled in the southwest portion of DeKalb County sharing the park’s 2,000 acres with Marshall and Jackson counties. The park headquarters and the beautifully restored campground, office and playground are located in DeKalb County.

The park’s origins date from 1966, when the Sand Mountain Booster’s Club organized the Tri-County Park Authority and purchased land from a local farmer. Additional acreage totaling in excess of 700 acres was contributed by the Tennessee Valley Authority. The park opened in 1971.

In 2015, Buck’s Pocket lost its campground and its staffing as part of the closing and curtailment of services at several Alabama State Parks enacted following severe budget cuts. In 2016, Alabama residents voted in favor of Amendment 2 which allowed the Alabama State Parks permanent funding that cannot be taken by state officials to be used elsewhere. This has helped our Alabama State Parks invest in improvement projects that we can all enjoy locally and our visitors from out of state can enjoy also. We have 21 beautiful and interesting state parks that cover all corners of our great state and each park is very different from the others which gives great diversity in the choices we offer our residents and visitors.

The origin of the name “Buck’s Pocket” has been attributed to the presence of large herds of deer and the legendary death of a buck who leapt from Point Rock after being trapped by a Cherokee Indian native name Buck Berry who used the area to hide form the draft during the Civil War. Point Rock is a scenic overlook in the park with picnic tables and hiking trails. Point Rock Trail connects the park office and campground to the Point Rock overlook.

If you have not visited Buck’s Pocket Sate Park, there is no better time than now. Get out and enjoy nature at its finest.

Note: camping and use of the OHV trail require you to check-in at the office for details pertaining to price and usage.

— John Dersham is the president and CEO of DeKalb Tourism.

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