Fischer Rescue Squad held a Friends of Fischer Appreciation dinner last week at the Fischer Rescue Squad building to commemorate the purchase of their first new truck.

Toni Mahoney, member of the Friends of Fischer Rescue Squad said the group was formed in memory of her late husband, Laurence “Larry” F. Mahoney, who passed away in November 2014.

According to Mahoney, her husband was a volunteer for 20 years at their previous home of New Hampshire and also in Florida.

“He [Laurence “Larry” F. Mahoney] felt that if you volunteered your time and effort, you were doing the right thing,” she said. According to Mahoney, she became familiar with the Fischer Rescue Squad through Ronnie Highfield, who helped arrange her husband’s funeral.

“After the service I had a big dinner in Larry’s memory at the Fischer Rescue Squad building, and Ronnie was telling my nephews and my son all about the rescue squad, and that’s when I said that any money that we get for flowers or anything we’re just going to donate it to [the rescue squad],” she said.

Mahoney said she chose the Fischer Rescue Squad because “they do everything as volunteers.”

Mahoney said the men of Fischer Rescue Squad honored the 18 ladies who raised the money by providing a formal dinner to show their appreciation.

“It was lovely, and Sally and Angie from Smokin’ Butt BBQ did the catering. It was great,” Mahoney said.

She credits Captain Quinten Green’s wife, Danyell Green for organizing the dinner event in their honor.

According to Mahoney, the Friends of the Rescue Squad meet monthly, either at her house or a restaurant, to plan and carry out fundraising activities.

“We did everything from a Boston Butt cook-off, bake sales, raffles, car washes to selling antiques and homemade items,” she said.

Mahoney said since the group has formed, they have held two fundraisers raising over $11,500.00 toward their $75,000 goal.

“In four years, we had enough money raised towards purchasing a new truck,” Mahoney said.

“We strongly believe that volunteers who risk their lives while trying to save others, deserve not only our respect, but also our support,” Mahoney said.

Mahoney said when the time came to purchase the truck, there were two options to choose from; however, one had more features available, but the cost was higher.

“We worked so hard to raise this money, and we have enough for the blue truck, so go for the truck with the most options,” she said. “They were so excited. Jason Cyrus did all the research to find the exact truck they needed, and it took a lot of research on his part.”

Mahoney said the blue color of the new rescue truck was the exact color of a truck her husband had purchased some years ago. She said she believed “that was [her] sign that Larry was sitting there approving the truck.”

Mahoney said the truck came with a special feature to honor Larry.

“We didn’t know, but on the back of the truck there is a plaque that reads ‘Friends of Fischer Formed in Memory of Larry Mahoney’,” she said.

According to Mahoney, all the “girls burst into tears when they saw [the truck].”

“I was so pleased they are just a wonderful group of men,” she added.

The following is a list of the members of Friends of Fischer Rescue Squad:

• Suzy Conerly

• Tena Cryer

• Windy Freeman

• Connie Green

• Tootsie Hairel

• Jessi Harriston

• Ashley Howell

• Brenda Johnson

• June Leary

• Toni Mahoney

• Gretta Matchen

• Susan Nova

• Jeanie Sauerland

• Amanda Taylor

• Kayla Taylor

• Yvonne Toombs

• Erin Washington

• Christy Wood

“We are truly grateful for all support,” Mahoney said.

If you would like to donate, send your tax-deductible donations to Friends of Fischer Rescue Squad in care of T. Mahoney at 146 Harley Drive NE, Fort Payne AL 35967.

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