Rainsville club helps affected families

Businesses and homes throughout the city of Rainsville can purchase pink ribbons for $10 from the Rainsville Civitan Club during October to support local families receiving treatments for cancer.

The Rainsville Civitan Club has raised money for DeKalb County families affected by cancer now for three years.

Each October, the club constructs approximately 200 large, pink ribbons for residents to purchase and display on their homes or businesses to show support for current cancer patients.

Linda Samples, the club’s outgoing president, said in the past, the organization has raised close to $2,000 each year.

Although the fundraiser uses pink breast cancer ribbons to raise awareness, Samples said the fundraiser will help any family or individual that needs monetary help during treatments.

“It’s not just breast cancer, if any family affected by any cancer is having problems paying their bills, we try to do things that the insurance doesn’t cover,” Samples said. “If it takes everything they have to do their treatments and they need food, we try to help supply money for them to eat, or if they need gas to get to the treatments, you know things like that.”

The club is still accepting families to help, Samples said.

“At the present time we only have one family that we’re helping, but people are welcome to contact us,” Samples said. “We have a few forms for them to fill out, or someone can recommend them that knows of their situation.”

To purchase a ribbon for $10, or for more information on how to receive monetary assistance, message the Rainsville Civitans Facebook page, or call Linda Samples at S & S Wholesale Plumbing at 256-638-7473.

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