The Rainsville City Council held a special called meeting Thursday to vote on expanding the city’s garbage pickup.

Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt said they were contacted by the city of Ider in regards to taking over their garbage pickup.

Rainsville said their agreement will be similar as their contract with Sylvania, where they pick up garbage on Monday and Tuesday.

Councilman Marshall Stiefel asked if the city will need to hire a new employee to be able to take on the extra customers.

“No, what we’ll actually be doing is using the guy who [picks up] in Sylvania,” Councilman Rickey Byrum said. “He does Sylvania on Mondays and Tuesdays and we’ll probably do Ider on Wednesday or Thursday. So, all we’ll be doing is adding a few hours to him.”

A motion was approved to empower the mayor to sign a three-year contract with the city of Ider at $18 per month and a total of 250 new customers. The contract will begin July 1, 2019 but the first garbage pick up will not be until the following Wednesday.

Lingerfelt also said the city will need to purchase 250 new garbage cans to accommodate the new customers. Currently, Advance Disposal owns the cans that are being used and they have worked out an agreement with the city until the news cans arrive. The current ones will stay at residents’ homes for the next few weeks and the city of Rainsville will replace them.

The council approved a motion for the purchase of 250 new cans at $16,792.34.

Lingerfelt also reported that a vehicle crashed into a tractor owned by the city on Friday. A bush hog that was attached was totaled, but the tractor did not sustain damage; however, he said the city needed to move forward in purchasing a new cutter to keep the roadsides mowed.

“We don't need to wait a month or even a few weeks because the bush hogging on the side of the road will get ahead of us and all this rain is getting ahead of us,” Lingerfelt said. “So, if it’s OK with everybody, we’d like to bring up to buy a new bush hog.”

The council approved the purchase of an 8-foot Land Pride bush hog at $5,950.

No other new business was discussed at the special called meeting.

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