County Road 651 gets facelift

The DeKalb County Commission on Tuesday awarded a $1,110,260 bid to Wiregrass Construction Company LLC, for the resurfacing of County Road 651.

County Engineer Ben Luther said the project also includes the resurfacing of some various municipal streets within the county. He said the funding for the project came from the efforts of the county’s representatives.

“This is some state road and bridge funds that we have received with the help of Representative [Nathaniel] Ledbetter for our county roads and several other municipal streets that we have incorporated into one contract,” Luther said. “The county will pay the contractor and we will be reimbursed from the state and then the subject municipalities will reimburse the county the difference between their obligations of what the total cost for each of their roads will be.”

Luther said the bid information has already been sent to the Alabama Department of Transportation in Guntersville for review, and that ALDOT has concurred the bid.

County Road 651 is in the territory of both districts 1 and 4. District 1 County Commissioner Shane Wootten and District 5 County Commissioner Lester Black both commented on the bid award recommendation made by Luther.

“These [bids] did come in a little bit under what we were expecting, which is a good thing,” Wootten said. “I’m always glad to see the bids come in a little less than what we are expecting. These projects could not have been done without the help of Representative [Nathaniel] Ledbetter and John Cooper, the state highway director. I really appreciate what they do for our county.”

Wootten said the project is one the county has been needing to take on for a while.

“This 651 project is one that has needed to be done for several years,” he said. “It is going to be a real benefit to the people in the area. It is a high-traffic road. So, without Nathaniel’s help, we could not have made this happen. I want to thank him for that.”

Wootten made a motion to accept the bid. Black seconded the motion and commented saying the process of getting the County Road 651 project started began nearly a year ago.

“I appreciate Representative [Nathaniel] Ledbetter,” Black said. “He started working on this in November, just a few days after election. It is not something that just happened; he put a lot of work into it and I want to thank him for that.”

County Commission President Ricky Harcrow was absent from Tuesday’s meeting as he was in Prattville fulfilling duties for the Association of County Commissions. Harcrow was teaching a class to other commissioners in the state, so District 3 County Commissioner Chris Kuykendall conducted business.

“I can concur all of us greatly appreciate the efforts of our legislatures and our folks from the state department as well in securing funds to repair our roads and bridges,” Kuykendall said.

The motion was carried and the bid was accepted.

The commission also:

• forwarded a damage claim to the county insurance carrier

• set the speed limit of County Road 605 to 20 MPH per Luther’s recommendation

• hired April Evans at the DeKalb County Revenue Commissioners Office as a property appraiser

• discussed the fiscal year 2020 budget update, at the next commission meeting, the budget will be voted on

The commission will meet again Sept. 24.

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