Flower Show comes back to 2019 VFW Agricultural Fair

Pictured are the Class 7 hydrangeas from the 2018 fall fair.

“Oh, the Places You Will Go” is the title of the annual National Garden Club (NGC) Flower Show sponsored by Northeast Alabama Federation of Garden Clubs’ (NEAFGC). Held in conjunction with the DeKalb County/V.F.W. Agriculture Fair. The theme of the show celebrates the literary works of Dr. Seuss.

The dates of the show are Sept, 23 through Sept. 29. Ider, Fort Payne, Rainsville, Cherokee Rose (Cedar Bluff), and Rhododendron (Mentone) Garden Clubs make up the NEAFGC.

You must be registered with the DeKalb Co/V.F.W. Agriculture Fair to enter exhibits. You can accomplish this online by going to dekalbcountyvfwfair.com, click on Entry Forms, then click on Pre-register and follow the instructions you will find there. If you don’t have computer access, call 256-845-9745.

All amateur growers are invited and encouraged to participate in the “Oh, the Places You Will Go” Flower Show by entering horticulture specimens. Registration is Sept. 21 and Sept. 23 from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. in the Flower Show Room of the V.F.W. Agriculture Building.

Cut your specimens early in the morning or late in the afternoon the day before you bring them to be entered. Take a container of warm water with you to place the specimens in immediately after cutting. Store specimens overnight in cool water in a cool place. If the specimen has a bloom, place in water up to, but not above the blossom. Bring the specimens in your container in water to registration.

Please list the names of the plants. If you have the botanical name (genus and species) please include it. Assistance will be available for you at registration to identify and label your specimens. The Horticulture Chairperson will approve all entries and is the final authority to disqualify specimens not conforming to the schedule and/or not flower show quality.

Another division of the Show is Floral Design. Entries in this Division are limited to any NGC member. The Design entries must be pre- registered and placed on the days and time listed above. The Design Classification Chairperson will be the final authority on Design acceptance or disqualification.

All NGC members are encouraged to participate by entering in the Design and Horticulture Divisions. NEAFGC is a member of the National Garden Club, Inc., Deep South Garden Club, Inc., and the Garden Club of Alabama, Inc., District II.

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