Fort Payne approves 2019 street department paving list

Whitehall Lane is included on the paving list at a cost of $13,414.69.

The Fort Payne City Council recently approved the 2019 Paving List.

The streets, avenues, roads, parking lots, drives and sides of roads that will be paved are listed below. The list also includes the length, line striping cost, and overall cost for each job.

1.) Sanders Ave. SE First to Third St.

Length: 800

Line striping: $280 Cost: $10,174.50

2.) Fourth St. to Fifth Lincoln Ave. N.

Length: 730

Line striping: $0

Cost: $9,028.73

3.) Fourth St. N. Godfrey Ave. to Prospect Ave.

Length: 1850

Line striping: $0

Cost: $22,881.03

4.) Parking lot building maintenance

Length: 220

Line striping: $0

Cost: $2,720.99

5.) Godfrey Ave 8th N to Beason Gap

Length: 700

Line striping: $2,450 Cost: $89,026.88

6.) 10th St. NE Godfrey to Clark Ave.

Length: 600

Line striping: $0

Cost: $7, 420.88

7.) 14th St. N Clark Ave. to Watkins Ave.

Length: 300

Line striping: $0

Cost: $3,7110.44

8.) Sides of Airport Road Highway 11 to 27 Length: 1500

Line striping: $0

Cost: 1,855.22

9.) Martin Avenue 45th to 55th

Length: 6000

Line striping: $2,100 Cost: $76,308.75

10.) Fairway Road Length: 2000

Line striping: $0

Cost: $24,736.25

11.) Quail Hollow Road

Length: 4650

Line striping: $0

Cost: 57,511.78

12.) Whitehall Lane Length: 950

Line striping: $490 Cost: $13,414.69

13.) Tate Road

Length: 1400

Line striping: $350 Cost: $17,665.38

14.) Cheryl Street Length: 1000

Line striping: $770 Cost: $13,138.13

15.) Lyndale Drive to top of hill

Length: 2200

Line striping: $2,800

Cost: $30, 009.88

16.) Fruit Farms Road Five Points to Kelly Road Length: 8000

Striping: $0

Cost: $108, 839.50

17.) Sides of Kelly Road Length: 6000

Line striping: $0

Cost: $14,841.75

18.) Peachtree Avenue Length: 700

Line striping: $0

Cost: $66,493.27

19.) Parking lot at the recycle center

Length: 160

Line striping: $3

Cost: $12, 865.85

20.) Parking lot at Patriot’s Park

Length: 130

Line striping: $0

Cost: $3,215.71

21.) Alternate streets Line striping: $0

Cost: $0

22.) First St.

Length: 700

Line striping: $245 Cost: $21,889.22

During the meeting, Fort Payne City Councilwoman Lynn Brewer made a comment about why Gault Avenue is not on the paving list. She wanted the public to know that the city is not responsible for the paving of Gault Avenue.

Fort Payne City Attorney Rocky Watson supported Brewer’s statement and clarified why it’s true that the city is not responsible for paving Gault Avenue.

“Just to clarify, not only is Gault Avenue not the city’s responsibility, but [the city] couldn’t pave it even if [the city] wanted to because that is a federal highway,” he said.

Grand total cost for line striping: $9,488

Grand total cost: $547,748.80

Total milage: 8.88

Fort Payne Public Works Director Tim Williams said the average cost for paving is $70,000 a mile. He said paving requires 14 city employees and employee pay is not included in the $70,000 average.

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