Board approves bid for new Ag and Family Consumer Sciences building at Collinsville

The DeKalb County Board of Education on Thursday awarded the Collinsville High School Ag and Family Consumer Science Building bid to Boatner Construction at $2,988,000.

The project and specifications were put out for public notice earlier this year.

DeKalb County Superintendent Jason Barnett said they had budgeted and estimated $2,700,000. However, he said they ended up with the current price due to the many events happening these last few months.

“I feel pretty good about that [bid], it landed pretty close,” said Barnett.

He said the price includes everything. “We could have had some deductions that would have lowered [the price], but we felt like the value of doing it all and what we were getting if we had reduced that just wasn’t worth it.”

Board member Mark Richards said he was happy they were getting it done because it had been talked about for the last 18 years.

Vice-Chairman Robert Elliott asked Barnett what kind of time frame they were looking at for completion.

Barnett said the contract time to complete the work was 245 days. However, weather days can be added to that in the event the National Weather Center calls for in-climate weather.

“Today is the board of education approval date, so it's ground zero of the 245 days. Once again, if we have heavy rains that will add to those days,” he said.

Barnett said the new building is set to be completed and ready by the next school year.

“I also want to thank the [DeKalb] County Commission. They’ve been a great partner at helping us with some of the dirt work and the chert,” he said.

According to Barnett, without the county commission, the cost would have been “much more.” He expressed his thanks to DeKalb County Commission President Ricky Harcrow and all the county commissioners for their support and partnership.

During Thursday's meeting, Barnett took the time to recognize Plainview High School's former principal, Mark Anthony “Tony '' Richards of Rainsville, who passed away on August 13, 2020.

Richards was a retired educator who served as a teacher, volleyball coach and principal.

“I really hated to hear of his passing, he was a great friend to me and a great educator,” said Barnett. “I wanted to recognize him and his work to the DeKalb County Board of Education.”

He recalled how much Richards loved the students and how he would interact with them no matter who they were. Including given some of them affectionate nicknames.

“I appreciate his legacy, and our prayers are with his family as they go through the grieving process,” said Barnett.

The board also:

• approved the following bid: Petroleum Products - Cedar Bluff Oil Co. - Gasoline - $1.52 per gallon and Diesel - $1.33 per gallon

• approved the schools financial statements/general fund bank reconciliation and local school fund balance, bill and accounts

• approved the on the job injury of Eddie Hill - custodian (12 months) - Sylvania High School - 3 days and Brenden Schlageter - assistant secretary - Geraldine High School - 1 day

• approved the retirements and resignations of Myra Dalton - assistant secretary - Fyffe High School - retirement - 9/1/20, Dana Bowman - elementary teacher - Plainview High School - retirement - 9/1/20, Danny Johnson - custodian - Plainview High School - retirement - 10/1/20, Sheila Greeson- paraprofessional - Plainview High School - retirement- 11/1/2020, Laura Hill - English language arts teacher - Geraldine High School - resignation - 7/24/20, Jonathan Haynes - P.E. teacher - Crossville Middle School - resignation - 8/3/20, Addison Fugatt - English language arts teacher - Crossville Middle School - resignation - 7/23/20, Kristie Dobbins - itinerant special education paraprofessional - Ider Special Services Center - 8/5/20, Piyush Bhatt - secondary mathematics teacher - Crossville High School - 8/4/20, Kaitlyn Griffin - itinerant speech language pathologist - District - resignation - 7/30/20, Mary Dixson - P.E. teacher - Moon Lake Elementary School - resignation - 7/31/20, Nick Moses - bus driver - Crossville Elementary School - resignation - 8/1/20, Kathy Brown - high school counselor - Geraldine High School - resignation - 9/4/20 and Christopher Haston - computer hardware/software technician - Facilities- termination - 8/27/20

• approved the leave of absence of Megan Jones - business education teacher - Crossville High School - 8/18/20-9/25/20, Stanley McClendon - bus driver - Geraldine High School - 8/17/20-11/1/20, Becky Nelson - CNP worker - Crossville Elementary School - 8/17/20-10/12/20, Tim Hixon - custodian - Fyffe High School - 8/3/20-8/21/20, Kendall Durham - English language arts teacher - Fyffe High School - 9/18/20-12/18/20 and Helen Jones - CNP worker - Collinsville High School 8/3/20-9/30/20

• approved the following transfers: Whitney Tinker - itinerant special education teacher at Valley Head High School to itinerant speech language pathologist for the System (2020-159), Chris Wallace - elementary teacher to itinerant EL teacher at Crossville Middle School (2020-163), Misty Gilbert - itinerant special education bus aide to bus driver - Ider High School (2020-164), Lindsey Franklin - elementary teacher to secondary English language arts teacher at Geraldine High School (2020-168) and Denise Downer - itinerant special education paraprofessional to elementary teacher - Plainview High School (2020-146)

• approved the certified placements (All placements are made pending a background review meeting suitability criteria and negative, pre-employment drug screen and appropriate certification): Sierra Crider - science teacher - Plainview High School (2020-160), Cynthia Wooten - elementary teacher (Leave from 8/1/20-5/31/21) - Collinsville High School (2020-161), Amber Igou - elementary teacher - Crossville Middle School (2020-162), Brenda Trotman - elementary teacher - Collinsville High School (2020-166), Anna Strother - elementary teacher - Crossville Middle School (2020-169), Ashley Hudgins - elementary teacher - Crossville Middle School (2020-169), Robin Potter - elementary teacher - Geraldine High School (2020-171), Shannon Chappell - itinerant special education teacher - Valley Head High School (2020-173) effective 8/18/2020, Lorrie Cleveland - itinerant special education teacher (leave from 8/1/20-9/1/20) - Geraldine High School (2020-174), Taylor Clough - P.E. teacher - Crossville Middle School (2020-175), Peyton Knop - secondary mathematics teacher - Crossville High School (2020-177) effective 8/6/2020, Andrea White - elementary P.E. teacher - Moon Lake Elementary School (2020-184), Daniel Williams - secondary mathematics teacher (virtual school support) - Dekalb Virtual Academy (8/28/20-5/27/21) (2020-201) and Isaac Dismuke - secondary business education teacher (leave only from 8/18/20-9/25/20) (2020-202)

• approved the support placement of Shawn Hutcherson - CNP worker - Plainview High School (2020-139), Nancy Eberhart - bus driver (Tech Route) - Plainview bus driver (2020-140), Charlotte Guttromson - bus driver - Ider High School (2020-164), Dedra Brown - itinerant special education bus aide - Ider Special Services Center (2020-165) effective 8/10/2020, Gary Matthews - custodian (12 months) - Collinsville High School (2020-167), Luke Frasier - computer hardware/software technician - facilities (2020-178), Jaclyn Ashley - itinerant special education aide/paraprofessional - Plainview High School (2020-179), Holly Berrong - itinerant nurse (9-month) - Crossville High School (2020-182) effective 8/13/2020, Victoria Farrow - itinerant nurse (9-month) - Ider Special Services Center (2020-183), Taylor Davis - itinerant special education aide/paraprofessional - Ider Special Services Center (2020-185) and Elizabeth Kathy Gray - bus driver tech route - Fyffe High School (2020-203)

• approved the following volunteer coaches: Danny Smith - football, Johnny Chacon - football and Robby Mays - football and baseball - Crossville High School, Avery Collins - volleyball, Tommy Mayes - girls basketball, Alan Goolesby - basketball, Tonya Myers - softball, Jamie Hatch - softball, Steve Cowart - softball, Andrew Hatch - track, Rodney Coots - football, William Norris - cheerleaders, Destiny Ridgeway - girls basketball, Dallas Burt - softball - Fyffe High School, Brian Waldrop - football, Shelby Brothers - volleyball, Cassie Black - girls basketball, Thomas Willoughby - football, Jody Harper - football, baseball, Carlos Benitez - football, baseball - Geraldine High School, DeWayne Heard - football, John Massey - football, Cole Wootten - basketball - Ider High School, Micah Haynes - football, Elijah White - football - Plainview High School, Chad Murdock - softball, Bartley Raulston - football, Nathan Parham - football, Labron Hill - golf, Josh Turner - football, Scott Smith - football, Lucas Smith - football - Sylvania High School, Cindy Lee - volleyball, Sam Graham - football, Craig Hulgan - Football, Kevin Worthey - basketball, Jimmy Phillips - basketball and Charity Michaela Worthey - basketball - Valley Head High School

• approved the following Fall Literacy Camps worker: Jacqueline Clanton - teacher, Lorilyn Owen - teacher, Patsy Chambers - teacher and Sherri Haas - teacher - Collinsville High School, Lydia Peek - teacher, Samantha Flaherty - teacher, Clarinda Hambrick - teacher, Whitley Dillard - teacher, Laura Smith - teacher, Tammy Williams - teacher - Crossville Elementary School, Tiffeny Cowart - teacher, Jennifer Kerby - teacher, Tracey Monroe - teacher, Kristi Underwood - teacher, Jessica Mayes - teacher - Fyffe High School, Melissa Gilbert - teacher, Emily Slaton - teacher, Jennifer Gilbert - teacher, Ginger Hill - teacher, Samantha Finch - teacher, Sharon Sibert - bus driver - Geraldine High School, Tabatha Greenwood - teacher, Jennifer Ridgeway - teacher, Tammi Womack - bus driver - Henagar Jr. High School, Tina Ferguson - teacher, Traci Hulgan - teacher, Shannon Pruett - Diane Laney - substitute teacher, Tammy Smith-Foster - bus driver - Ider High School, Karen Prestwood - teacher - Moon Lake, Cia Lindsey - teacher - Plainview High School, Sonya Pope - teacher, Melissa Warren - teacher, Lezlie Pope - substitute teacher, Chris Murdock - bus driver - Ruhama Jr. High School, Amy Gurley - teacher, Robin Pair - teacher, Tina Wilks - teacher, Regina Davis - teacher, Tamikah Holbrook - nurse - Sylvania High School, Renee Fraley - teacher, Lynne Wagner - teacher, Christi Black - Teacher, Michelle White - substitute teacher, Renae Day - substitute teacher, Amy Burrows - substitute teacher - Valley Head High School

• approved the following contracts: Holly Farmer - homebound - IDEA B, Janice Brown - vision assessments - IDEA B, Angie Broyles - speech therapy - IDEA B, Kimberly Ford - tutor - Title I, Carrie Atchley - DVA course building - Cares Act - ESSER, Louise McCarty - 21st CCLC nurse - 21st Century, Bris Torres - 21st CCLC translator - 21st Century, Montana Gattis - student technician - local, Alex Thomas - student technician - local, Philip Mosley - part-time EL teacher - EL, Lorraine Willyard - Ruhama CNP cashier - CNP, Berenise Luna - 21st Century translator - Crossville Elementary School and Kodie Smith - 21st CCLC teacher - 21st Century

• approved the following bus sanitizing workers: Brenna Williams - bus sanitizing - Collinsville High School (2020-170), James Hamby - bus sanitizing - Crossville Elementary School (2020-170), Michael Edmondson - bus sanitizing - Crossville Middle/High School (2020-170), Randy Webb - bus sanitizing - Fyffe High School (2020-170), Suzanne Armstrong - bus sanitizing - Geraldine High School (2020-170), Tammi Womack - bus sanitizing - Henagar Jr. School (2020-170), Jenny Mann- bus sanitizing - Ider High School (2020-170), Troy Mueller- bus sanitizing - Plainview High School (2020-170), Chris Murdock - bus sanitizing - Ruhama Jr. High School (2020-170), Kevin Womack - bus sanitizing - Sylvania High School (2020-170) and Terry Scott- bus sanitizing - Valley Head High School (2020-170)

• approved the following custodial support: Joyce Barnes - custodial support (2-hour) - 21st CCLC Custodian (2020-198), Joyce Barnes - custodial support (2-hour) - Crossville Elementary School (2020-187), James Hamby - custodial support (2-hour) - Crossville Middle School (2020-188), Robert Bryant - custodial support (1-hour) - Crossville Middle School (2020-188), Francisca Espinosa Ovalle - custodial support (1-hour) - Crossville Middle School (2020-188), Mark Quarles - custodial support (2-hour) - Crossville High School (2020-189), Tanner Cowart - custodial support (2-hour) - Fyffe High School (2020-190), Cori Willoughby Benitez - custodial support (2-hour) - Geraldine High School (2020-191), Carlos Benitez - custodial support (2-hour) - Geraldine High School (2020-191), Todd King - custodial support (1-hour) - Henagar Jr. High School (2020-192), Shelley Cooper - custodial support (2-hour) - Ider High School (2020-193), Sara Welden - custodial support (2-hour) - Ider High School (2020-193), Ricky Willyard - custodial support (1-hour) - Ruhama Jr. High School (2020-195), Eddie King - custodial support (2-hour) - Sylvania High School (2020-196), Dianna King - custodial support (2-hour) - Sylvania High School (2020-196) and Lindsey Cole - custodial support (2-hour) - Valley Head High School (2020-197)

• approved the following superintendent’s recommendations, comments and reports:

• approved Secondary Virtual Teachers be compensated at the contractual rate of $100 per credit of each student above 25 in a period, if that teacher has been assigned one period of DVA and a Secondary Virtual Teacher be compensated at the contractual rate of $100 per credit for each student above 50 students for the day if the teacher has been assigned two or more classes of DVA students. [Barnett noted that teachers are not doing in-person and virtual teaching at the same time but some are having to do in-person instruction as well as virtual school learning throughout the day.]

• approved UPG Settlement Agreement

• Barnett provided comments regarding the 2020-21 School year opening, thanking all the students, parents, administrators, bus drivers, lunchroom workers, aides, custodians, teachers, and all who have taken part.

“I’ve watched school reopenings across our nation and state, and I really don’t know that anybody has done it any better than we have here in DeKalb County, and I really say that sincerely. I’ve seen all kinds of issues in places and that's a testament certainly not to me but to all the people that are out there making it work, and I am really excited,” he said.

• board members approved to pay the AASB 2020-2021 Annual School Board membership dues of $15,000.00

The next meeting will be held on September 10, 2020 with a regular meeting at 5 p.m. budget hearing and work session at 4:30 p.m. in the meeting room at the Facilities Building.

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