Community provides work, donations for memorial

Kayron Guffey, member of the First Responders Committee, said at the Rainsville City Council meeting Monday that the new memorial is almost finished.

“It is 90 percent done,” Guffey said. “There’s a lot of hard work gone to that in the last two weeks and by the grace of God, we’ve got it this far. We poured concrete in the rain and covered it up to fix it, so we’ve been working hard and it’s going to be ready next week and it looks great.”

The First Responders Memorial Dedication will take place May 18 at 2 p.m. at the Rainsville City Park.

To raise money to complete the memorial, Henagar Mayor Lee Davis challenged all cities in DeKalb County to “turn the town blue” by hanging blue ribbons around their communities. Each ribbon costs $10 and is placed on businesses and homes around the county to honor first responders throughout the month. With a little more than a week until the ceremony, the committee has sold approximately 200 bows.

Guffey said local businesses have also given monetary donations, supplies and prizes to prepare for next week’s event.

“We have got a lot of businesses that have donated prizes,” Guffey said. “We’re going to have door prizes that day and they will only be for first responders. We’ve got a lot of nice gifts. We want all the public to come also, but these prizes will be just for first responders.”

Following the ceremony, refreshments will also be served, and they hope to see a large turnout from the public, Guffey said.

Councilman Rickey Byrum noted the impact these volunteers have made in Rainsville by putting this together so quickly.

“They’ve have had all the work donated, all the cement work and drilling all the holes, so I appreciate what you do,” Byrum said. “There are a lot of times that people don’t see what’s going on in the background and who actually gets it done, and it’s you volunteers that do that.”

Guffey said the community has “really come together” to finish the memorial, even pointing out the people at the meeting that had given time and effort to the cause.

“God’s got his hand on this because we never would have got this done if it wasn’t for him,” she said.

For more information on the memorial or how to purchase a bow, call at 256-638-2137.

The council also:

• hired Kevin Brown excavating to conduct phase one work on manhole 11-111 for $7,500.

• hired Johnny Clem for sewer work on Loftin Street at an estimated $18,000.

• approved the security camera system for the City Park through Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative for $2,580.

• approved the purchase of 100 chairs for court/council chambers at $2,100.

• wished the Plainview Lady Bears Softball team congratulations on moving onto regional playoffs and approved a monetary sponsorship.

• approved Resolution 05-06-2019 to surplus a 1986 Ford F350 truck.

• approved to purchase a 1999 F350 truck for the amount of $14,000.

• approved to add LED street lights at the corner of Thompson Avenue and Main Street E.

• approved work on Wade Street and Rainbow Drive, Chambers Avenue and Brown’s Chapel Road for $3,000.

• approved the library to hire a seasonal worker.

• approved to paint the railing at the tornado memorial with funds acquired from Rep. Nathaniel Ledbetter for an estimated cost of $2,000.

• accepted the resignation of Tony Blackwell from the police department,

• opened bids for a Humvee for the fire department for off-road work.

• approved the fire department’s annual hose and ladder testing at $2,200.

• in a roll call vote, a motion passed to suspend $1,200 a month to the Rainsville Chamber of Commerce for the vacant assistant director position. Councilman Bejan Taheri said the reason for the change was the process the chamber board took during the hiring process. Councilmen Brandon Freeman and Marshall Stiefel voted against the motion, but it passed with the three others voting in favor.

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