Henagar skates around plans for Ice Rink in City Park

A synthetic ice skating rink is in the talks for the city of Henagar. At the latest meeting, the council unveiled plans to form a committee to discuss the construction of an ice skating rink in Henagar Park.

Council member Tara Kirby said, “Our goal is to have it up by Christmas in the Park, maybe sooner. I really want Henagar Park to look like a Hallmark movie; That’s my vision.”

Kirby said they wanted to build an ice rink last year, but they couldn’t get the ball rolling.

“The park looks so good at Christmas anyways, but you throw in an ice skating rink, and it’s perfect,” she said. “There’s nothing like that around here; You have to drive to Birmingham or Chattanooga. This will be great for the county.”

The ice rink would bring a few new jobs to the city of Henagar.

“We’re wanting the placement to be near the cabin so we could possibly do skate rentals out of the cabin; It absolutely could bring a few more jobs to Henagar,” said Kirby.

Kirby said they originally wanted to place the ice rink where the tennis court is because it’s flat, but now they are looking at a permanent location.

“I think we’ve decided now to put it on a concrete pad court, so it’s more of a permanent space for years to come,” said Kirby. “A lot of them have warranties of 12-15 years if you’re using it year-round, which we will not be, so we figure we can get 15-20 years out of it. “

Joey Oliver and council members Tara Kirby and Joy Dixon will work with any interested members of the park board on this project.

“We actually formed a committee so we could start really putting it into action. We are going to try and visit some places that have the synthetic ice rinks because before we actually pay that much, we want to look at how it’s held up and be able to fill it ourselves.”

Department Reports:

• Police Department: Officers and reserves will be available for May on the Mountain. The PBT devices have been purchased and distributed to all officers.

• Fire Department: The fire department auction went well. Mr. Jeff Crump would like to use some of the proceeds to purchase polos for the department. The total cost will be approximately $900.

• The movie equipment the City ordered through FunFlicks has arrived. The City will be looking for local businesses to sponsor the first movie night, in the park.

• The Farmer’s Market will be held from June 1 through August 30. Vendors are encouraged to sign up.

• The Park Board is sponsoring a bluegrass festival May on the Mountain on May 1 from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The Cowboy Church will be providing food.

• According to the National League of Cities Allocation Tracker, the City of Henagar should receive approximately $440,000 due to the American Rescue Plan Act. The City will deposit these funds into a separate account. The City hopes to use some of these funds for the new fire department building.

• Several individuals are utilizing the new dumpster service. Fees are $125 per monthly rental, plus a $175 flat dump fee and approximately $20/ton for landfill charges. Another CDL licensed driver may be needed as the service continues.

In other business, the council:

• approved resolution 2021-0419 presented by Mayor Lee Davis to accept the annual Municipal Water Pollution Prevention report prepared by Danny Bryan.

• approved motion to give a 3% annual raise to all employees.

• approved motion to purchase a John Deere lawnmower for $13,500 from TriGreen.

• approved motion to surplus the old Kubota lawnmower, which has been running hot.

• approved motion to replace two basketball goals at Henagar Junior High School for approximately $3,400.

• approved a quote to upgrade the city’s phone and internet system through Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative. The upgrade should reduce the monthly expenses by about $50 and will cost $2,230 for installation and programming.

The city council meets every first and third Monday night at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise notified.

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