Sidewalks and streetlights in the talks for City of Henagar

Sidewalks and streetlights are in the talks for the city of Henagar. At the city’s latest meeting, J.C. Kirby was on the agenda to discuss the need for city sidewalks, but did not attend the council meeting. The city will consider grants for construction of sidewalks, and will also look into the cost for adding street lights along main roads.

Also during the meeting, officials said the city of Henagar voted last year to pay $120 toward each lifeguard’s certification fee for the first year and reimburse the returning lifeguards the remaining $120 for their second year. This year the price was raised to $250 for two years. Moving forward, the city will pay one half the cost of new lifeguards’ certification fee for their first year worked and reimburse returning lifeguards, the remaining balance during the second year worked.

Furthermore, it was announced that councilmember Angie Davis will not be returning to the Park Board for another term. The council approved to appoint Allie Heath to four-year term on the Park Board.

In other business, the council:

• Officials say the city’s first Summer Movie Night on June 5 went well. Councilmember Angie Davis suggested that they should consider placement of business ads into a slide show to be played before the movies.

• Officials say the snow cone machine that is used at the pool and concession stand is too small to meet demand for ball games and large city events. Mayor Lee Davis suggested looking at prices for an industrial machine.

• Davis suggested purchasing new cameras for court to be placed in City Hall, as well as a camera to place under the patio at the pool.

Department reports

• Police Department- Police Chief Randell Smith reports one of the city’s police officers, Robert McIntire, resigned this week.

• Councilmember Joy Dixson suggested purchasing a large banner for the Farmer’s Market in place of the small signs.

• Officials say the new volleyball net for the Henagar park has arrived and will be put up next week.

The city council meets every first and third Monday night at 6 p.m. unless otherwise notified.

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