Rainsville responds to temporary closures at county annex

Rainsville Councilman Rickey Byrum during Tuesday evening’s council meeting announced the Rainsville Annex office would remain open Monday through Friday.

In early June, DeKalb County Revenue Commissioner Tyler Wilks announced the temporary closure of the Rainsville Annex due to staffing and training needs. A later update stated the office would open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to serve residents.

However, Byrum said in 2001 the tag office was placed in Rainsville and voted on by its citizens in 2002.

“It passed to keep that office open by a 79% vote in this county,” he said. “People need to understand they are not closing that office, they are not going to open only on Tuesday and Wednesday either. It may be a little slow but they are going to have it open every day.”

Byrum said concerned residents have been calling and questioning him since the June announcement of the temporary closure and changes.

“That office can’t be close,” he said. “The only way that office can close is if it’s voted on by the people because it was voted on to have it in the first place.”

Byrum said he has spoken with Wilks and DeKalb County Commission President Ricky Harcrow regarding the misunderstanding and they are “on board.”

The annex is a satellite location for both the DeKalb County Revenue Commissioner office (www.revenue-dekalbco-al.us) and the Probate Judge office. The office is located at 98 McCurdy Ave S, Rainsville and can be contacted at 256-638-9404.

Area residents may purchase their Alabama auto license plates and pay their property taxes at the annex in Rainsville. DeKalb Countians may also buy driver's, hunting, business and boat licenses at the branch office.

The main office is located at 206 Grand Ave SW Fort Payne AL 35967, online at www.revenue-dekalbco-al.us, or by phone at 256-845-8515.

On Tuesday, Byrum also provided the public with an update on the city’s partnership with Alabama Department of Transportation regarding the upgrade of the traffic light system at the crossing of Alabama Highway 75 and Alabama Highway 35.

“Good things are coming,” he said. “They have the redlight post up and the wiring in. Hopefully they will have the redlights up real soon.”

Additionally, Byrum said the traffic light system upgrade would also feature a pedestrian crossing button, also referred to as a “call button.”

He asked that residents remain patient as upgrades are completed.

The council also:

• accepted Resolution 07-06-2021, accepting the American Rescue Plan Funds

• approved to open an account at First Southern State Bank for the American Rescue Plan Funds. Byrum abstained from voting.

• approved the repair to the Rainsville Fire Departments' ladder truck of the wear pads and the scrapper seals at the cost of $15,000 with monies deriving from the fire department's fund.

• approved the purchase of COVID supplies from NAFECO at the cost of $4,400.00 with funds reimbursed by the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (AFG Grant) as stated by the grant guideline.

• approved placing a double coat of tar and gravel for Boozer Road at the cost of $22,400.00 and coming back next year putting in the asphalt.

• approved the placement of two headwalls also on Boozer Road at the cost of $4,000.00.

• approved the replacement of the wooden fencing built-in 1985 going into the Rainsville City Park at the cost of $9,661.00

• approved the purchase of new pee wee football uniforms at the cost of $12,000.

• approved Ordinance 07-06-2021-1, adopting billing for large industrial sewer customers putting a cap on those who use more than 500.000 gallons of water per billing cycle.

• approved Ordinance 07-06-2021-2 adopting the sewer rate adjustments for customers who do not have a separate water account.

The next council meeting is scheduled for July 19, 2021, with a workshop at 4 p.m. and a regular session at 4:30 p.m.

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