The Geraldine High School Student Government Association is hosting its 50th annual Veterans Day Program on Nov. 9 at 10 a.m.

“As far as I know, in the DeKalb County school system, we have the biggest Veterans Day program,” Geraldine Middle School counselor Ashlei Buttram said. “It’s always been a pretty big deal.”

She said that there are usually around 60 to 70 veterans who show up to the program, and a lot of them bring their families as well.

“What we do is just honor them, and we always have a guest speaker,” Buttram said. “This year, we have Col. (ret.) Bob Reynolds come to speak. He’s a very well-known man in our community, so everyone is really excited about that.”

Reynolds said he heard about the event through his neighbor who works at the school, and his church encouraged him to speak. 

“I felt honored to do it,” he said. “I’m going to be focusing on the students. I’m trying to get a message to them as much as anything, and I wanted to talk to them about time, service and respect. Those are the three key points that I’m going to be talking about.”

Reynolds served in Desert Storm as well as five times in the Iraq War. 

“I wanted to put time into perspective for the students and talk about why people serve and why we should respect and talk to our veterans.”

The program will announce the veterans’ names during the program to honor them. 

“We have some different things going on this year,” Buttram said. “We have a special education group that we call ‘Stars Group,’ and they made about a 15-minute video this year where they interviewed different people and asked them what Veterans Day means to them.”

The program will also have music, a performance by color guard and lunch for guests sponsored by Liberty Bank of Geraldine catered by James’ Bar-B-Q. 

After lunch, members of the student government will take the veterans around the school to show them the decorated halls and doors. 

Buttram said after the event, she and some other volunteers will take some of the flowers over to the nursing home to donate them. 

There is no preregistration. Veterans and families can register from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Nov. 9.

Buttram said there is no cost to attend the event and the meal is free.

“Whoever wants to come can come,” she said. “They just register once they get there so that we have their name on a piece of paper so that we can honor them during the program.”

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