Author Shirley N. Bryson recently announced the revisions and relaunch of two of her books, “The Jericho Rose” and the children's book “The Little White Bunny.”

Bryson, a DeKalb County native, said the books have been revised and the new version re-released.

“The Jericho Rose, inspirational thoughts for daughters who grieve a tribute to mothers addressing the loss of a loved one,” was first published in the early 2000s and is now available in print and Kindle edition.

“I had a hard time grieving when my mother suddenly passed away, I spoke to friends who had lost their mothers about how they had dealt with it,” said Bryson. “I interviewed 10 women and incorporated their thoughts into the book. It turned out to be a beautiful tribute to mothers.”

Bryson’s children's book title “The Little White Bunny,” also recently republished, follows the true story of how a pet rabbit becomes a big part of the family.

“We got our girls a little pet bunny for Easter one year and she lived for seven years in our backyard,” she said. “My husband who is really good with animals even trained her a little bit.”

The sequel to “The Little White Bunny” is scheduled to print later this year.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, Bryson noted “The Jericho Rose,” would make a “wonderful Mother’s Day gift.”

Bryson currently resides in Ringgold, GA with her husband, Ronnie, where she spends her time writing, painting and enjoying time with her daughters and grandchildren.

Her books are available on Amazon by searching the titles or author Shirley N. Bryson. For updates follow her on Facebook @sbryson37.

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