The Fort Payne City Council on Tuesday authorized a memorandum of understanding between the city of Fort Payne and the Fort Payne Board of Education concerning the use of new and additional tennis courts.

Council President Brian Baine said there will now be a total of eight tennis courts for the school and for the public to use. Baine said the courts will be open for the public to use when the school is not using them.

“For those of you who don’t know about the tennis courts that they are putting at the [Fort Payne] High School, they are adding four additional courts for a total of eight courts at the high school,” he said. They will be open for public use when the school is not using them.”

Councilman Wade Hill said the project is one that has benefited the school as well as the community.

“We’ve got a good partnership between us [the city] and the school,” Hill said. “It saved us quite a bit of money and it helped them [the school] out.”

Councilman Gerald “Red” Taylor made a motion to authorize the memorandum of understanding and Councilwoman Lynn Brewer seconded it.

President and CEO of DeKalb Tourism John Dersham announced at the council meeting that Gov. Kay Ivey is coming to the Little River Canyon Center Friday at 9 a.m. for a 20-minute event. Dersham said Ivey’s visit is part of her tour of all 67 counties during the state of Alabama’s Bicentennial year. He extended the invitation to the council members and all of DeKalb County.

DeKalb County Librarian Cynthia Hancock also made an announcement during the council meeting. Hancock invited the council members, as well as DeKalb County residents, to come to the library for a book signing Saturday. Hancock said Captain Roger Hill, author of “Dog Company,” will be at the library at 1:30 to present and sign copies of his book.

Christmas in the Fort Payne City Park is Dec. 6. The event will kick off by lighting the tree at 4:45 p.m. and Santa Clause will make his appearance at 5.

The council also:

• heard from Freda Waters who discussed Bill 183, which relates to pet sales.

• voted to place Baine in a vacant seat on the DeKalb-Cherokee Counties Gas District board, Brewer abstained.

• passed resolution 2019-33, authorizing Watson & Neeley LLC, to proceed with any and all actions necessary regarding Amendment 772 as it relates to the “Valley Joist Project” off Jordan Road.

• passed resolution 2019-42, authorizing the application or state matching funds for an airport improvement project.

• passed resolution 2019-43, declaring certain Fort Payne Police Department vehicles surplus.

• authorized bids for a Skid Steer mulcher for the Fort Payne Public Works

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