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Work of award-winning Alabama photographer John Dersham will be showcased in a new bicentennial book. “My Alabama: John Dersham Photographs a State” is a selection of 200 images of the state from his vast catalog of over 50,000.

“It is a bicentennial book,” Dersham said. “It’s a coffee table photography book that covers images of the state from Dolphin Island to all of the state borders.”

Each photograph is a testament to Dersham’s compositional and lighting skills which offer a unique and stunning portrait of Alabama’s diverse natural, topographical and cultural assets.

“It is intended to give the world a basic impression of the geography, topography, climate, the river, and forest system,” Dersham said.

According to Dersham, the release of this new book, which carries a foreword by Bo Jackson, is made possible with the support of Alabama Bicentennial Commission (AL200) and will be published by early May 2019.

“The text in the book is about why we look the way we look and the science that goes with it,” Dersham said.

“My Alabama” is organized seasonally to showcase the warm, green Alabama spring on the Cahaba River to a summer evening on Cherokee County Weiss Lake.

“Throw on a coat on a frosty morning and find one of the state’s many waterfalls, like Pisgah Gorge Falls, or wander a path on the snow-covered Lookout Mountain.”

“The pictures show how Alabama is an unusual, diverse state, in fact, the fourth most diverse in the United States from the standpoint of its ecosystem,” said Dersham.

John Dersham is an internationally recognized, award-winning photographer, whose art photography and commercial work have been featured in galleries and other exhibits nationwide.

According to a press release about his book, Dersham developed his love of photography in his 30 years spent working at Kodak. Today, Dersham is president of DeKalb Tourism, “My Alabama: John Dersham Photographs a State” is the first published book devoted to his work.

He is one of the most sought-after photography instructors and speakers on the subject of photography in the Southeast.

Dersham said we have many international visitors from the northeast, and far west who until they have been to Alabama, they have a huge mis-perception of what Alabama physically looks like; therefore, to inform is one of the purposes of the book.

“There is a lot about Alabama people don’t know, many don’t know we have a beach, and not many know we have one of the premier river systems on the entire world,” Dersham said.

“The book will also be used heavily for economic development, industry in Alabama and tourism in Alabama. It will [also] go to all 342-public libraries in the state; every library will automatically get one.”

According to Dersham, My Alabama will be available by early May 2019 through your favorite local or online retailer and is available for preorder.

“The coffee style photography book is intended to be on everyone’s coffee table to commemorate how Alabama looked on its 200th anniversary,” Dersham said.

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