Investing in students

Jessica Williams, of Glimpse K12, addressed the board with a data analyzing program

During the DeKalb County Board of Education meeting on Thursday, Jessica Williams, of Glimpse K12, presented the board with a business proposal for a statistic analyzing service for the district.

Glimpse K12 is a data processing company that measures the return of investments from student programs for school systems, Williams said.

“For students, it’s important to look at student outcomes,” Williams said. “From our work over the years, what we find is that districts are always looking for the best solution to put the things in place that will produce the greatest academic outcome for the students.”

The program evaluates all purchased programs the district uses and calculates the student involvement and result from said programs.

Williams said, for example, in the Morgan County school district a student study program, purchased annually at $35,000, was only getting 38 percent usage by students and the results were not equalling the cost, but each districts savings would vary depending on their spending and programs.

“We were able to see that $35,000, just based on usage, was being wasted,” she said. “They put an action plan into place, and by the end of the semester they had jumped to 60 percent usages.”

Superintendent Jason Barnett said the program would help track grade inflation that he said that can be a problem within the county’s schools.

“I have a daughter that’s in third grade, and I want to know where she’s at, genuinely,” he said. “If she comes home with all A’s that’s great, but I want to know if it’s real.”

For DeKalb County, Williams said the cost for the analyzing service would be $10 per student and $60,956 annually, she said.

The program was not voted on at the meeting on Thursday.

The board also:

• accepted the bid from TC Fence Co. for the countywide fencing and gate project set at $187,630.

• heard the results of the 2017 fiscal year audit from Cade Burke, of the State of Alabama Examiners of Public Accounts.

• accepted the retirement of Dolores Thompson, itinerant special education paraprofessional with Fyffe Special Services, and Beth Thomas, assistant custodian at Plainview High School.

• approved the placements of Laura Ellis, social sciences teacher at Collinsville High School; Macy Smith, an elementary teacher at Crossville Elementary school, Tucker Davis, secondary math teacher at Crossville High School, Pam Hunt, pre-K teacher at Crossville Middle School; Jodie Barton, itinerant special education paraprofessional at Plainview High School; April Fowler, school nurse at Geraldine High School; Jennifer Wilson, bus driver at Fyffe High School.

• approved or renewed the following contracts: Smith Nursery, LLC as Moon Lake 21st Century plant instructor; Rosa Alarcon as an ESL tutor; Russel Green, drivers education instructor at Valley Head High School; Marilyn Monroe as a contracted bookkeeper at Fyffe High School; Jayce Erwin as a contract computer technician; Angie Gattis as a clerical worker for the technology department; Harold Guilford III as a contracted maintenance worker at the Facilities Building; Margaret Brown as a clerical worker for the Central Office.

• approved the grant CFSO Anthony Cooper signature rights on all DeKalb County Schools or DeKalb County Board of Education financial account to include, but not limited to, accounts at Citizens Bank in Mentone and First Southern State Bank.

• approved each school’s Early Childhood Intervention Program.

• nominated and approved to place board member Randy Peppers as the new board chairman.

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