At its 2019 budget meeting, the Fort Payne City Council gave $200,000 to the Fort Payne City School System.

The money was to be distributed to teachers for their classrooms and would also cover the cost of school supplies for students.

In a previous article published by the Times-Journal, Councilwoman Lynn Brewer was quoted saying the $200,000 insured that “no student would have to buy supplies when they started school.”

In June of this year, the Fort Payne City Council presented FPCS Superintendent Jim Cunningham with the checks for the school supplies.

The donations did not go unappreciated.

The administration at Wills Valley Elementary School reached out wanting to express their gratitude to the Fort Payne City Council for their contributions.

Wills Valley Principal Sally Wheat said they are “very thankful” for the school supplies provided this year by the Fort Payne City Council.

“This donation certainly helped ease the financial burden for many families as they prepare their children for the start of school,” she said.

School resource officer Curtis Massey said this was so much easier for the parents and good for the students.

“As a parent and SRO, I witnessed parents coming in to open house relieved that they could just focus on registration and meeting with teachers then worried about bringing supplies,” he said.

Wheat said the process of receiving the supplies at the school “could not have gone any smoother.”

“[The supplies] came in pre-sorted for each student and were disbursed to the classroom teachers,” she said.

Wheat said teachers were able to focus on the parent and child during orientation this year more than in the past due to not having to collect and sort supplies.

“It worked out great,” she said. “It is wonderful to live and work in a community that supports the education of our children.”

Wheat said there was a parent who came to the school over the summer to get the supply list and found out instead that the supplies were made possible through a donation from the Fort Payne City Council. Wheat said the parent started to cry when she learned that her child would not need to bring her own supplies.

“[The lady] said it was such a great blessing to her family,” Wheat said.

The additional $150,000 provided to the Fort Payne City Schools this year has ensured no student lacked supplies for the 2019-2020 school year.

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