A local man recently made a large donation to the DeKalb County Public Library.

Charles Ferguson, of Fort Payne, said his local library is very important to him, and so, he decided to give back to the helpful staff.

Ferguson first retired after serving in the military from WWII to the Vietnam War and decided to become a JROTC instructor in Fulton County, Georgia. From there, he retired again after 26 years of teaching. He then moved to Fort Payne, where he also became involved in the VFW Post 3128. That was about twenty years ago, and he’s been using the library in town ever since.

Now, he lives with his children in town and still visits his local library on a regular basis. After seeing how helpful the staff can be and realizing he could help, Ferguson said he decided to donate a $1000 check to the facility.

“Since I have access to a good library, I use it,” he said. “This, it keeps me alive. The books are nice and [the staff helps] me a lot. They have some good people here, too.”

Library Director Cynthia Hancock said all the staff looks forward to him visiting the library.

“Mr. Ferguson comes first thing in the morning, and he’s just one of those patrons that we love, and we’re always excited to see him,” she said. “He really loves to read, and he’ll start with one author and read everything by them.”

Ferguson said he brings in lists of various authors and works, and the library staff is always quick to help him find all the items he’s looking for.

“He’s such a precious soul,” Hancock said. “I was just amazed, and we’re just very appreciative of the donation, and he’s one of my favorite patrons to see.”

Ferguson said he will continue to utilize his local library for as long as he can, and is grateful for the facility and staff here in Fort Payne.

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