Collinsville High School was placed on lockdown Wednesday afternoon after receiving a phone call indicating a school-related threat.

Collinsville Principal Donny Jones said Thursday that an alleged informant made the concerned call to the school. He said the person who made the call had supposedly learned about the possibility of a threat to the school from another source.

“A call got to the person who made the call with misinformation was the bottom line of the situation,” he said.

Jones said appropriate measures were taken and everyone was on high alert nonetheless.

“When [the call] came in we followed procedure and had all staff in that building to do a lockdown,” he said. “We were all in contact with the people who need to know when that kind of thing happens.”

Jones said high alert situations disrupt the normal flow of things during school hours, so the teachers are informed on safety and how to respond in non routine situations, such as a sudden lockdown.

“When we are on high alert like that, we take care of the kids,” he said. “Every since [the incident] in Florida, we are all on high alert. We’ve all had to meet at faculty meetings to make sure everyone does have their plans about what to do.

“We make sure we have our heads up and are conscious about those things, because when it happens, you’re prepared and know what to do.”

Jones said the school resource officer and the staff were on campus and “the city got there quick and everyone went through the proper process, and when it was all said and done, everything was OK.”

“Luckily and hopefully, most times it is a false alarm, but you always have to do what we did and just make sure you went through the steps and everything,” he said. “We were fine.”

DeKalb County Superintendent Jason Barnett acknowledged Wednesday that “the school was proactive and placed on lockdown.”

Like Jones, Barnett said knowledge of the recent school-related incidents on other campuses has educators focused on being proactive in emergency situations.

“Obviously with all that has happened, everyone is wanting to be as proactive and cautious as we can be,” he said. “The school is doing that and they are trying to be diligent and are working on the side of safety and precaution to keep the students safe first.”

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